Saturday, 18 April 2015

Google Chrome Failure!

I have used Chrome for a while now as the main browser.  At first I used it because it loaded quicker than Firefox but as time passed it, like me, grew slower.  I have many links on there, too many I know as I have spent considerable time dumping many, yet others are important to keep. This linking was a simple straight forward system: a click on the star at the top brought up the choice of where to put it, I chose and it went in.  Simple.
Now however the geeks with nothing better to do than ruin everything with no thought or concern for people living in the real world have changed it, unasked and badly!  Now a click on the star brings up a slow colourful box telling you it has logged the link, but where?  It does offer a list of folders, if you click again, but only a handful, not all.  Yet another click opens out a list of links with a selection of folders at the left hand (and wrong) side.
This sounds simple but ALL my links now are found on this list, mixed up and disorganised, not in the appropriate file!  I am now supposed to spend all day fixing this because of some geek who has been smoking funny cigarettes?  It's a shambles, yet another example of the internet being run by people with no idea of the real world.  Why change a perfectly good system, why jazz something up that works?  Why not stick to reefers or go find a girlfriend? 
I have downloaded Opera once again to give it another go, would you believe they use the same system as Chrome!  Bah!
I have gone back to Firefox, they at least are more consumer friendly and less likely to be run by the CIA.

Just after noon, as I digested my lunchtime repast, I settled down to an afternoon of giggling.  This is not my normal procedure, usually it is nailbiting football stuff, however I watched Hibernian continue their dream of winning the Scottish Cup.  This is an item they have not had in their possession since 1902, and I need not remind you that man did not fly until 1903 and reached the moon in 1969 yet Hibs have still not yet won that gleaming silver trophy, the oldest football trophy in the world!  Today the sun shone on Leith Hampden as the Hibernian hammered the opponents Falkirk, a worthy team from the central belt, for the whole 90 minutes.  Hibs hit the post, made the goalkeeper work, huffed and puffed and inevitably Falkirk scored a goal!  Indeed it was the only goal and wee Falkirk go into yet another cup final, they won the cup last in 1957, and Hibernian and their fans, who managed to stay until the end this time, once again go home in tears.  A sad, sad situation.
It's a giggle for us though!    

I can see the sun setting behind the trees leaving a delightful colour in the sky.  I must point out to my weaker readers that when I say the sun is 'setting behind the trees' I don't mean the sun is setting behind the trees, I mean I can see the sun setting and trees are in between me and him, I hope you understand.  If the sun set behind the trees every night there would be no room for the rest of us by the end of the week!  The car park over there only holds about twenty cars.
Anyway now that I have cleared that up I wish I had been able to take the camera out there and attempt a photo but as I am sitting in bed I canny be bothered.  So lean out the window and suffer the cold air for a moment and then back inside.  How brave!  
Was it worth it?  No!
Actually it was worth it.  The picture may not be great but looking at the sky always is.  We change, circumstances change but once the gray clouds have gone the sky changes delightfully according to the position of the sun, time of day and stuff floating about the heavens.  The colours are magnificent and even run down dreary places, such as Leith will be tonight, are made glorious by the glint in the sky above.  When feeling down I suggest you look up, it makes the heart glad.  



Lee said...

I use Firefox...and, at this stage anyway, I have no intentions of switching. I've used FF for years.

I hate it when things are changed, seemingly for no good reason other than the idiots who changed whatever it is have nothing better to do and are bored! Grrrrrr!

Another "Grrrrr!" My digital camera is playing up for no good reason! I just took about six shots...and then it shut down and said "that's enough! No more!" I'm going to have to dig through my change jar to see if I have enough pennies to think about buying a replacement!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I also do not like the new Google Chrome Bookmarking interface. The old one was perfectly fine to me, as well. Whoa, I just agreed with you TWICE! Woe is me.

Lady Di Tn said...

I use Google Chrome and as of today nothing has change on my screen so maybe I am safe from the change.
You are so correct that looking up makes a smile come to us. Too bad too many are looking down at devices and missing all the beauty of our wonderful world. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Fiddle lee dee, my comment went to never land and when I reloaded as suggested the comment was not to be found. Love the photo and I agree with your statement. Maybe the location can be found this time. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, Sad when cameras don't work. But it's time you posted pictures!

Jerry, STOP IT! If you agree with me I think I am wrong!

Lady, You will find the change comes to your Chrome also.

Lady,Your comment arrived safely!