Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Excitement, Not Here...

Waking just in time to catch the end of the Shipping Forecast indicated what kind of day I would have. Not quite 5:30 am and already worn out!  Still the sun was climbing into the sky once again, the birds were chasing worms in the park and I manfully stayed in bed until near six.  Later I cycled down to the cemetery for the LAST time I hope and was back before eight, the climb back up the hill wearing me out and recommending more time in bed I say.  
Nothing else happened.
Being scared to listen to any news broadcast, they only offer the election stuff, I was forced to listen to those 15 minute programmes again.  How delightful to enjoy some radio without political liars being heard.  One thing i did hear was the Lib-Dem man Clegg offering more money he didn't have for 'education.'  I could not help but ask what he meant by this.  Does he mean keep kids at school passing exams on stuff they will never use again?  Certificates that some are impressed by but do not mean you are capable of actual work?   Would it not be better ensuring that at 14 or 15 the kids get opportunities to try a variety of work experience?  Office or labouring, computing or retail, anything that is on offer in the real world!  Just 'educating' folks for the sake of it and dumping them in low paid work even after university is a waste.  Do any of them get taught what life is for I wonder?  Do the teachers know?  
The warmest day of the year so far, near naked ladies in the park and white men in tee shirts and shorts making me wish I had less for breakfast.  I of course spent most of the day in here doing those important things, or sleeping.  
I hope your exciting lives were more exciting than mine today. 


Lee said...

That's a problem with a lot of the young today...they haven't a clue what the real world is all about. Some of the parents need to go back to a special school to learn what it's all about, I think.

CarolHasANewBlog said...

Adullaman ~ you can listen to radio from all of over the world through the power of your desktop and the Internet. Here is the link to the Nightlife that I listen to from 10pm each night. He has a quiz at midnight and an issue of the day. Lots of people message in from all over the world.
There is a link to listen live on the right hand side.
The issue of the day last night closely resembled your grumble today.

Lady Di Tn said...

News here is more about Big Ears give away more money we do not have. AND now Mydamn Clinton is running for President. If she is voted in, well we are just a country of STUPID PEOPLE. Since Nashville has become the "IT CITY" each morning the news is about who was murdered and where it happen. Wishing for yesteryears when our city was not so big and bringing with it the low lifes that prey on people.Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, I agree.

Carol, Grumble? ..... me?

Lady, Tourists are the bane of the locals!

Adullamite said...

Carol, I forgot to say I will listen to this.