Sunday, 12 April 2015

A MishMash

Today I decided that I required to take more care when blogging.  I should choose carefully the subject, consider all aspects then when ready write logically and thoughtfully of my topic.  This is of course wise and good healthy advice.
I forgot all about it.
Now here I am brain dead and with nothing to say, logically or in the more usual scrawled style.

As usual nothing happened today.  I never left the house as some malady kept me in this morning even though the weather turned out reasonable.  The football certainly filled the afternoon and some pleasure has been taken dealing with the riff-raff in the follow up.  Dearie me how Hibernian folks get excited when they win.  I suppose this is because it is such an oddity they are not sure what to do!  Two football matches in a row are quite wearying, the emotions aroused, the shouting at the ref, the stress caused and like most others I needed to lie on the floor for a bit to recover my equilibrium, which I am told lies just behind the kidneys.  

After this there was nothing to do but raid the Radio iPlayer for old programmes.  This I must say is how I tend to listen to the radio these days.  It is almost impossible to be there when the programme you wish to hear is available and I find some of the old comedies funnier than those now on offer. Whether this is age or the BBC's unwillingness to serve up anything controversial on these lines I know not, I do know they are quite touchy about bad reports after some folks upset too many.  We are left with puerile or unfunny stuff all too often instead.  Milton is not too bad mind.

As if things were not bad enough the US has started it now.  The Clinton missus has announced she will run for President.  This means we not only have our own election special boring the pants of us as they lie through he media to us all we also will be engulfed by news of Clinton and her fans, news of her opponents and the media baloney that follows them.  Oh joy!  I suspect when election day arrives we will just put a cross somewhere with our eyes closed to get it over with for all the difference it makes. 



CarolHasANewBlog said...

I think your approach to blogging is just perfect Adullaman. Don't change a thing ~ we won't recognise you.

Lee said...

I just stare in despair! I stare in despair at the over-abundance of stupidity in this world, seemingly worn proudly by stupid people. I stare in despair at the ignorance and lack of respect for others and for the property of others.

I've also discovered there will never be a lack of sheep (or lemmings) in this world...because humans so frequently act like sheep...or lemmings.

Yes...I guess you could say I'm feeling a bit put off by the human race at the moment! :)

Kay G. said...

I love that last cartoon. I call my 10 year old nephew "Thumb-Boy"!
The headline for The New York Post had Hillary on the cover with the words, "OH HIL NO"!
I love those NY newspapers, so funny.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

At this time, I find myself thinking that Jeb Bush might be the lesser of all of our evil options. I sure would not want to be Bill if Hillary fails again. We would have actually voted for her if she had not pulled all of that "stuff" with Benghazi and her emails.

Adullamite said...

Carol, How lovely you are, or is this just to make yours look so much classier eh?

Lee, There are a lot of sheep everywhere, especially in Aussieland....

Kay, Thumb Boy thumbs it up!

Jerry, Good luck with that. Jeb Bush talks like he wishes to win but once in power all changes.