Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nothing Day

As the sun rose majestically, spreading its bright yellow rays across the town, the birds in the park hesitated a moment from chomping worms to cast their eyes skywards, I would have done likewise but I had my head buried deep into my pongy pillow.  Weariness ruled and even at ten past six, when the sun was above the houses and the birds gathered on the rooftops chasing one another, my head wished to remain where it was.  This was an attitude that remained all day.  Glancing through the window my eyes hurt at the brightness while the early morning chill reminded me that summer has not yet arrived.  

The day passed with my head on the desk pretending I was cogitating while cheery people passed by outside still dressed for yesterdays heat and ignoring the cold wind that should remind them it had gone. I decided that I was too lazy tired to wander about in the outside world so I turned on 'BT Sport' and watched some of the highlights of Brisbane playing Melbourne at football.  It was refreshing to watch Australians playing in the rain!  It was just like Forfar on a normal Scottish League day, even though the Aussies were playing at night!   Brisbane it must be said were deservedly beaten.  How interesting to see events taking place miles away.  I sometimes sit and wonder at the inventions that allow us to be transported to the other side of the world.  Not long ago the only way to get there was by ship, and the only way to travel for free was to be a convict. We will not ask how our friends relatives arrived.  It is oh so easy to take for granted all the technological marvels we overpay for and never stop to think just how marvellous they are.

I see another of those election debates is on the telly tonight.  Once again I am ignoring them just as David Cameron is doing, he hates debating as he gets caught out, what a wimp of a premier he is. The papers have been full of MPs meeting babies, showing us their kitchens, their women paraded and other nonsensical photographs.  Nobody really debates nor do they offer sensible policies.  I wish I had stood here, at least common sense and complaining would get me a few votes!


CarolHasANewBlog said...

Adullaman ~ you haven't mentioned the museum for a while? Do you not volunteer there anymore? Do let us know what I have possibly missed.

Lee said...

If we bring you to a beach here...once you've plopped yourself down on a colourful beach towel your attitude will never change; there you shall remain.

However as we would be bringing you and depositing the said you upon a beach in Queensland you would soon change your attitude about Brisbane in no time at all, laddie!

You'd be roaring your head off for the Brisbane Roar...who since they were inaugurated in 2005 they have been premiers twice (2010-11 and 2013-14; runners-up 2011-12 and have made the A-League finals three times...2011, 2012 and 2014.

It's a pity stealing a loaf of bread won't get you here these days for free; the measly sum of 10 pound won't get you here, either. We'll just have to take up a collection...or kidnap you.

CarolHasANewBlog said...

I will throw in a penny Lee ~ oops we don't use them anymore do we?

Adullamite said...

Carol, I will still do the museum but I have given it and them a rest from me for a while. I will be back in a week or two or three.

Lee, Brisbane roar? Pah! Not even a shout! A collection, hmmm I have not tried that one - yet.

Carol, A penny? I'll take it...

Mo said...

Good grief so what is one supposed to do? I've no bloody idea!