Friday, 2 December 2022

Pigeons as Bored as I.

I passed this day of wild excitement by visiting the shops and buying the wrong things.  Clearly my limited memory is going.  Not only do I make tea and forget to drink it, visit shops and forget to look at the list scrawled to ensure I do not forget, but I also fill the washing machine, add soap and forget to switch it on.  I expect any time soon to be found wandering around a park far from home while a police helicopter overhead tries to find me in the dark by use of thermal imaging.  This all depends on me remembering to actually go out of course.
I passed the old water tower, now used as flats, adorned by the local pigeon population.  This appears to be their gathering place, I saw them flock for a while later, possibly because of danger, possibly because the boys were having a laugh.  When in London, the view from my window took in the church opposite where pigeons lined the long roof.  The square tower belonged to the rooks and the few wood pigeons remained in the trees.  At regular moments the birds would gather and chat for a while before returning to their food gathering duties.  All organised, no union required, and this went on for years, and probably still does.  
As you can tell, nothing else happened.
More football shortly, this is unfortunate as it means I cannot hoover the floor now.  Shame, it will have to wait another week...
All the posting appears to be done, and I am ready for Christmas, are you?

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