Saturday, 3 December 2022

Chilly Market Day

Another storming market day under the grey cloudy sky.  The wind chill made me wish I had worn the cap, the prices of some of the Christmassy stalls made me wish I was a top level footballer, then at least I could afford to but the home made gin.  
I did venture to purchase more Christmas cards for yet more names that appeared.  Do I really know so many people?  I also bought two more Amazon cards, just in case.  I have sent so much cash that next year I will be sending only Gift cards from 'Poundland!'  I also bought a £1 calendar, one of those 'One month to view, appointment calendars' to sit on the desk next to me ensuring I do not miss any birthdays as I have been known to do.  
I do this as if I had the money to cover it!  This, and sitting here with the heating sometimes on!  Is there no end to my callous regard for reality?    
Now I have just watched boring Netherlands defeat the USA, boring and efficient football has been their way since the 60s, I cannot see them end this now  Hopefully Argentina will sort them out in the next round, though they have to get past Australia, which they sadly will do.
Now it's bread and cheese for tea...How the rich live!

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