Monday, 17 January 2022

Slow Monday

Slow Monday, which got slower.
Toddle up to Sainsburys, how exciting is that?
Few people about, though many cars in the car park.  Shop itself quiet, only two checkouts open, no real queue.  Of course if the man in front had stopped her from talking so much we might have got out quicker.  
Road traffic quiet also.  
People are wary of the virus, most wearing masks, even many outside.  Yet Boris the rogue is talking of ending restrictions rather than loosening them, no matter how many bodies pile up!  
I suggest Boris calls an election.  Tell him the Polls are always wrong, John Major was not fooled by them, why should someone as noble as Boris fear Polls?  
We can always dream.
Nothing else happened, did it?  
If it did I never noticed.
Someone must be having an exciting life, and I don't mean those being house trained by their dogs.
Out there excitement blossoms, somewhere...


the fly in the web said...

Super cartoon....reminded me of mother.
Untoward awakening this of the new arrivals has worked out how to get on the bed by mountaineeering up the duvet. Full marks for endeavour...but not appreciated at 4.30 a.m.
Note to self...make sure duvet does not overhang in future.

Adullamite said...

Fly, How loveley, a dog with talent! Tee Hee.