Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tuesday Twitter

A flower for the DUP

The museum was quiet again today. Three visitors, one of whom I knew from the Braintree Facebook Page with his delightful wife and a Scandinavian lass who came last year with her children, this time with a niece.  My chocolate, freely offered, appeared to be the best part of the day for her!  The handful of events thereafter allowed me time to browse our book selection and save money inform myself of the history around us.  This kept me awake.
Two of my women were off again ensuring I had to make my own tea and sit alone bereft when as visitors appeared.  No superior bothered to check whether I was alive or dead, no offers of tea, no offers of work either, so it was not all bad.  This is such a hard life at times, however men who have been in war zones often indicate life can be tougher than this, I doubt that!

Getting out in the morning is such hard work.
Once upon a time we would meet together, two, three or four of us, staying up late and often until near one in the morning.  Next day we were at work at 8 or nine o'clock and felt it none!  Once I rose at 3:30 am and left by 4:30 am for work, now I must be out by 9:25 am and I feel it is too early!  On Sunday I leave at 10 am yet that feels to early and next day getting there by noon means a struggle to get things done.
All I need do is wash, breakfast and dress yet it takes sooo looong to do in such a short time!  How come when young we could stay up past midnight yet now nine in the evening is cocoa time?  Am I working too hard?  According to my two women today the answer was not a positive one so that's not responsible!  It may be I lack exercise, proper food, and get up and go, though I had that once and it got up and left.  
I had suggested to myself that making the tea, burning the toast the night before might make it quicker in the morning but that did not work out well.  The porridge was not a success this way either.  I avoided washing but the women objected for some reason, placing all the fancy soaps we then stocked in my pockets was going a bit far I thought.  I could of course avoid reading the news online but them I would know nothing wouldn't I?  What do you mean what's the difference?  Anyway as I am off tomorrow, no suggestion of being called in unsuspectingly later, and nothing important to do either I will naturally rise around four in the morning and be unable to sleep!!!  Bah!

The other day I posted a green abstract work and indicated I did not understand it.  Today I looked at the blurb alongside and still don't  It was one of three such works all concerning the artists family, weddings, moving on, as far as I could make out.  Only a woman artist would understand. 
However those who understand can pop into the shop and acquire some small token regarding the works on offer.  Individual hand made items, even cards and postcards for those who wish to just put that on the wall are available at a reasonable price!  
The three adults and one kid who entered today bought nothing!  Not even a pencil!  Not even a book I ostentatiously proffered!  Ah well in a week or so we begin the summer exhibition aimed at the kids.  That will mean a million brats running around screaming, bashing and vomiting for weeks on end. 
I'm looking forward to this....




the fly in the web said...

Where are the bowler hats and the white gloves?

Lee said...

Wow! Those beautiful yellow blooms were a smack in the face when I opened your site...a tender, golden smack....how beautiful they are. There is no doubting what they and the poppies are....they're Nature's gifts...

Adullamite said...

Fly, On loan to No 10!

Lee, They look better in real life.