Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Day of Rest? Ha!

The sleep was fitful last night, not for the first time, rest was required after yesterdays excessive hard work, so when I awoke for the last time just after eight this morning I decided to have an easy day.
I sat at the laptop watching through half closed bleary eyes as words crossed the screen, my mind unheeding most of them.  I fed myself on the leftover stale bread and refilled once again the feeders for the greedy Starling family that consider me their main feeder, and attempted work on a war memorial.  This was hard, the details hard to find, the old laptop slowly driving me crazy by its slow response and then just as I was burning something for lunch the phone screamed.

Her indoors called to tell me her on at one pm had not arrived and no message had come through.  As she was holding the fort by herself, the morning staff had gone home, I was required.  Naturally I lied, claiming Morag wished me to stay, this lie worked once before but failed this time as she realises Morag does not exist. So I rushed my slow work, gobbled my dinner, looked for the 'Andrews Liver Salts' dug out another clean shirt, this means lots of ironing tomorrow, and slumped off to fill the gap.

Naturally this conniving woman, something women are good at, forgot to mention the 102 children in Victorian dress in the shop when I arrived.  This had 'slipped her mind' and did not 'seem important to mention.'  Never trust a woman!  
The kids and the teachers I spoke to, were very good in fact.  Dressed as Victorians and having suffered under a strict Victorian teacher, even one of the teachers got told off, the kids loved it.  They loved shopping in the shop (where else?) taking as long as possible to spend money, naturally few bothered to count up how much things cost and the younger ones had no idea how much change they ought to receive!  We always strive to teach them how to shop but it is not always possible with the excited crowd.    

The excitement passed I sat back to sip my tea and digest my hurried lunch.  Many other work opportunities were available but I managed to dodge them as my knees wobbled and my hulk needed its siesta that it was sorely missing.  Little sympathy ensued as she poor lass was in the same boat.  However as the computers are down she could hide in the office and close her eyes while I faced the world.
Shortly afterwards the world arrived.
Several ladies of uncertain ages arrived for a get together of some sort.  This included surveying the museum and going for coffee and gossip.  Most were members of the 'Friends of the Museum' and get free admission and I knew them all anyway, but one, who gave much information re the Great War exhibition cleverly indicated a fault.
Her relative, who fell at the Battle of Loos, is described on the blurb as having died and his body never recovered.  This however stands in direct competition with a picture of his tombstone!  No body, n tombstone, and we have a tombstone!  Later I checked this out and realised the mistake.  Of course I have not informed the lady that I wrote all the blurbs and therefore...anyway lets move on...

Home soon after work, via Tesco for bread to replace the stale stuff, and now exhausted I find I am too tired to sleep.  Tomorrow I return to the museum as in our hall the Election Vote takes place and our boss runs the Polling Station.  It will be busier than the last one....    


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Lee said...

We're only conniving because men are so foolish...and being so foolish they make it easy for us to fool them. So, in truth, we're not conniving...we just can't let a good opportunity go begging! :)