Monday, 5 June 2017

Normality Returns, Almost.

Theresa met some of her chosen few today in Edinburgh of all places.  They were all Conservative members all invited by email and only certain ones were allowed to ask questions.  The question "Why are we meeting in a closed warehouse? was not asked.  The sheep however applauded, cheered and waved placards as they were told to showing Theresa has learnt much from her studies on Romanian politics. 
Other questions such as "How many more Libyans are walking free?" were not allowed, nor was "Are you fit for purpose?"  There are lots of questions to ask these days but it appears you are not allowed to ask the ones that make her upset.  'Strong and upset' is the watchword.
I note the poncy approach to outrages continues.  A policeman gave out 'felt hearts' to all and sundry in Manchester, something not even considered when the IRA blew up Manchester killing a child, other police have been highlighted dancing with kids, although most police would do this and have always done this at party time, ans the news has been full of people telling their story of bomb and knife.  Maybe it is therapy for them but today people are only too willing, and I mean 'too willing' to tell their story especially if there is trauma involved.
This is not 'Love your neighbour' all this emotional rubbing one another up and down appeals to many but it lacks depth.  Tomorrow we will not be changed, just experienced as we used to say.  We live in a world where our emotions must be publicly shared, and I am one who believes is sharing folks when trouble comes but not in the open, have some regard for people.  Something false is appearing in troubled times, this will not get us through trouble.

Peter Sallis has died, aged 96.  He played 'Clegg' the timorous sharp witted, somewhat cynical observer of the three old men in 'Last of the Summer Wine.' His barbed put downs and cynical answers were always sharp and much the funniest of the three, no matter who the main protagonist happens to be.  I always liked him and his approach to life.  Clegg would be the one who plays me in the film of my life, without the 'Pacamac' raincoat of course.  Clegg, sorry Sallis also gave voice to Wallace in the 'Wallace and Gromit' films.  His gentle delivery, his accent and hint of humour or confusion made the films work for many.  He will be missed by many.

From the late 1960's through the 70's and into the 1990's I travelled frequently by rail from Kings Cross Station to Edinburgh Waverley.  Usually through the day but once I worked out the prices and times, through the night.  How often I sat in the doorway rather on the seats as this was more enjoyable on crowded trains, how interesting the activities at stations during the night hours, how lovely when old coaches with divided compartments from a previous age were used on the almost unknown night train.  All changed now, bar the prices.  In the past theyw ere expensive but often special pre-booked 1st class tickets were available and these were a very nice way to travel, very 1990's.  I expect today the word 'extortionate' is often heard when booking such travel, and that is not for the 1st class either!
For all those travel times I looked out of the window taking in the passing ever changing landscape.  Therefore when I discovered a video taken from the engine itself showing the journey from a drivers perspective I jumped at it and enjoyed the trip even better.  However it is a long trip and two journeys were required, one from Kings Cross to York and a second from York to Edinburgh, I bought both!  Today I have discovered a more modern version of this wonderfully relaxing video, this time from a modern 'Intercity 225' giving a clearer view and while this one only goes to York there must be another somewhere to complete the journey.  See if you enjoy this long rail trip as much as I do.


Lee said...

Gee whizz! We Conservatives are such a wicked, wicked lot!

And, it would appear emotions are not allowed to be displayed or felt. Such a pity, really.

I guess I broke the golden rule last night when watching the One Love Manchester concert, but I willingly own up to doing so.

I was overcome by a multitude of emotions while watching the event...the majority of which were pride at the resilience shown; combined with happiness, sadness (am I allowed to feel sadness>; and I felt anger towards idiotic, brainless loser, wastes of space who obviously have no respect for the lives or others or their own lives, even. Why they just don't go away and kill themselves if that's the way they feel, and leave others alone, beats me!

Their deeds are proof of their insanity. What lonely lives they must lead.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Wicked indeed!