Sunday, 4 June 2017

Angry and Cynical!

The world is full of sentiment.  All around politicians mouth platitudes, the weak and unstable Prime Minister vows to 'get tough' and the media fill space with meaningless repetition of what was said before.
Lies! All lies!
The US needless invasion of Iraq with Tony Blair's help added to two hundred years of suffering the west UK, France, Italy and the US amongst others have given the middle east.  No thought for the long term, not regard for the locals. 
Before the Great War the decision to fire the Royal Navy with oil rather than coal ensured Britain would control as much of the oil fields as possible.  After the war the French and British, with international help cut up the middle east to suit themselves.  The Arabs were given what was thought good for them. Any rebellion was answered by the RAF dropping chemical weapons on villages, women and children counted as little to us as they do to terrorists today.
Oil was and still is the reason today we run after the Saudis.  Their proxy war against Iran via Syria and Yemen has given us millions of refuges, which the UK is not keen to take in, British made weapons drop on Yemeni schools but as we need the money we say little but merely 'tut-tut' to the Saudis and apologise for interrupting their stoning a woman who was raped.

There are no good sides in the middle east, they are all bad.  That includes Israel.  God has put the Jews back in the land he gave them but as yet not one religious type has become leader, none amongst the powerful follow Jesus, and they all too often follow the middle eastern way of working, hit back and hit back harder.  Peace will not follow.

I find the attitudes today hard to stomach.  The 'touchy feely' response pretends that we care about one another though this is not reflected in the way people behave and certainly not in daily London life!  I spent 20 years there and consideration for others is not the priority, bomb or no bomb.
Concerts for Manchester, very nice but we never had these when the IRA blew children apart in Manchester.  We certainly have avoided a concert for the 80 killed, including a BBC driver, and numerous wounded at that time.  We mention in passing the dead in two explosions in Baghdad then move on to other things.
Something is wrong with us when we care excessively for our own and not for the other.  In the 1940 Clydebank suffered very heavy bombing, great swathes were destroyed, people moved out and never returned, many were killed.  When asked about bombing Germany locals often commented that they did not wish any to suffer what they had suffered, even in Germany.  That is not an attitude found today.
On the one hand we stand around, arms round strangers shoulders, emoting for the dead yet on the other we ignore the causes and the dead elsewhere.  Other suffering, more constant, more deadly and far away does not bother us.  Did you know that for 30 years warfare of various types has existed in the Democratic Congo?  Over 5 million are dead but no-one cares, there is you see no oil there.

UK & US politicians and most others know we are responsible for the terrorists at home.  The Manchester bomber was one of many kept in Manchester and allowed to travel to Libya to attack Qaddafi and cause terror to many in a cruel manner.  He was known to be dangerous and that is why the UK were angry that the US revealed pictures and information last week, not because it interfered with any investigation, this secret was to be kept, it hasn't succeeded.
Were these three knife carrying men known also to the police?  Note how the police ensured they were all killed, using 50 rounds of ammunition, an unprecedented amount in the UK.  Was there determination to ensure they were dead rather than protect the public?

The death of a few Londoners means little to high government, top secrets re their middle eastern policies are much more important.  Our inept PM was Home Secretary, responsible for controlling terrorism at home and knew all abut the Libyans, now she talks tough and lies in her teeth.

Is it safe to travel to London?
It is safer tan any US city when gun crime is high, it is safer than many cities world wide. 
There is however danger, the traffic makes crossing roads difficult, some people rob you so avoid such places and use common sense when out.  Take forethought out there, not fearthought.  Since the latest outrage how many people have died on the roads this weekend?  How many fell down the stairs at home and died?  How many were stabbed at a pub fight last night?
Probably many more than we read about on London Bridge.
Terrorists are out there so beware, but ensure your member of parliament after the election on Thursday knows you know what is going on.  Share your thoughts with him and get right up his nose on Friday.  It is up to the government to seek real peace, and honesty about the Islamists in this country.


the fly in the web said...

Emoting, laying flowers, lighting candles...any excuse not to act, to call government to acount. Make your gesture and think you have done something which counts...

There is something completely unacceptable about secret services allowing dangerous individuals to circulate freely, while trying to control the rest of us...we need a light shining into the dark corners of their empire.

Super post, thank you.

Adullamite said...

Fly, There is much hidden, often correctly, in the murky secret world. However when they do not know what dangerous people are up to something requires changing.