Thursday, 29 June 2017

Gray Skies...Read About Them!

Observant types may have noticed the past post from so long ago made use of the word 'sunshine' and the words 'blue skies.'  This was optimism gone wrong.  Since that post the clouds have hung around, the rain has teemed down and I have sat indoors sleeping off the bug caused by the change from hot sunshine to cold usual summer.  
This slack mental approach of mine has limited my scribbling as I have only had enough effort to do simple things.  Forgetting to eat has not helped.  However I have managed to watch some of the 'Confederations Cup' football although some of this was so bad that I even preferred to discuss a woman's baby rather than watch it at one point!  
Outside I notice nothing has changed, English men still dress as if the weather was hot in spite of the drizzle all around them, politicians still refuse to increase firemen or policeman's pay in spite of glorifying them when trouble arises, nurses did not even expect anything, the NHS is quietly sold off by Jeremy Hunt when nobody watches and few people bother to write on their blogs these days making life even more boring than it already is.  
My method of improving the world was to spend today asleep, more or less, eat meat, rest more and tomorrow I expect to be almost normal.

I did at least manage to finish two books but both took a lot of reading and now I canny be bothered telling you what they were about.  It took so long to get to the end of one I have forgotten what he was on about at the beginning!  It might be his writing but it might be my hereditary stupidity, decide for yourself.  I have of course begun other books which will take a while to read and will get back to you on this.  I also received a new book in the post today, free at that as books ought to be.  
It does make me realise how powerful books, and indeed writing in general can be.  The written word can entertain, inform and delight, it can take us out of ourselves, into a new world and change our life.  How sad that some people get no further in their reading than the local or national paper, and how twisted and ill informed are they!
Give books to people, make them read!


Mike Smith said...

That photo at the end of your post. So true...

Adullamite said...

Mike, I thought you might recognise it....