Thursday, 8 June 2017

It's Over!

It's over!  The great transaction's done!
I have wasted my vote by placing my cross next to a candidate that will lose.  The one party state in which I live allows no other choice.  Last time out the man determined to find himself a ministerial post as soon as possible led by a mere 17,000 or so votes.  I am interested to see the result today.  Will the Tories sick of May's failure stay at home?  Will the UKIP vote add to his majority?  Certainly the people that care about the NHS, pensions, old folks care and the sick will have voted for another failing candidate.  But which way will the Tories here go?  Do they really care for more austerity?  No!  What they care for s 'Brexit!'  Leaving the EU is more important for the little englanders as they have sufficient cash, and lots of it really, to survive the next few years, what happens to those that don't they really will not bother about.  So a sizable majority for the 'Nasty Party' and shortly after this independence for Scotland and then a descent into economic decline for England.
I must write off for my Scots passport later today... 

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