Friday, 9 June 2017


I awoke at three thirty and somewhat foolishly turned on the BBC to listen to the election gossip.  I was somewhat surprised to hear Theresa May speaking about carrying on the work and I wondered if she had indeed won a victory.  It soon became clear she had not, indeed her campaign was a miserable failure.  Today we have a winning PM who has lost and a losing Labour Party leader who has won hands down!  The gamble of forcing through the A50 act without a proper mandate from a divided nation added to her misreading of Corbyn's popularity led her into a second daft act of calling an election she did not require.  She has lost and lost disastrously and there is no way she can be allowed to continue to occupy her position and negotiate Brexit when she cannot negotiate in her own party.
However while the result in England saw an end to the threat to the NHS and the attacks on the weak it also led to a disaster in Scotland.  Brexit, media lies and foolhardiness has let the Tories win seats no decent Scot would allow.  Not only has Alex Salmond been replaced by a Tory but Angus Robertson, the next leader of the SNP I thought, has also been removed!  Two big effective men removed from office, a big loss to the SNP and Scottish representation in the House of Commons.
The failure of the Tories in England contrasts with their slight advance in Scotland and those few seats may well keep them in power in what is now a 'Hung Parliament.'  A 'Hung Parliament' is something many of us would like to introduce but in a different fashion I suggest! 

The result in Scotland unsettled me somewhat and I could not get back to sleep so at 4:15 I rose and had breakfast while perusing the lack of emails that failed to arrive in my inbox on every email account!  This took a while as I watched the TV gloat over Scotland's suffering and gloat over the big names everywhere falling.  Nick Clegg the one time Lib-Dem leader the biggest name to fall while elsewhere some seats were won by a small majority.  After four recounts the West Fife seat was won by the SNP by TWO votes!  How close is that?   Sad to say here in Blue Land the sitting man increased his vote from 27 thousand to over 32 thousand, a sad indication that little englanders care not if the NHS and the poor suffer.  It also indicates how many elderly people live in East Anglia!

While the folks in the million pound houses in the villages sleep easy in their beds I found myself unable to sleep so I looked up the details of one of the Finchingfield men.  I then ironed four shirts, cleaned the loo and kitchen,  and hoovered the floor all by 9:30.  Lunch has been taken by 10:30!
I strongly suspect I will pay for this later in the day!  Now I will return to the several items awaiting my mistakes, the war memorial, the Lyon, the houses, the stuff I have forgotten and I can imagine the minute I start the sleep will descend.  

Breaking news confirms that the failure that is Theresa May will visit the queen and demand to be allowed to make a new government.  What a cheek!  The English queen will of course accept this disgraceful act as this is her party and she cares little for the people, so we can expect an almighty row to begin any time soon.

So, the two old women have decided May stays as PM and she wishes to provide 'certainty!'  One thing she has shown throughout the feeble campaign is her lack of 'certainty.'  To enable her to govern she had gained support from the DUP, a party based in Northern Ireland who will make enormous demands on her to gain support, and that support will be on a one by one basis.  This does not make for good government, nor indeed for her chances during the Brexit negotiations which she will now front being 'strong and stable.'  The many EU negotiators are laughing into their bank accounts as we speak.
One other reason for her success was the Scottish Labour Party.  These desperate Unionist souls flocked to the polls yesterday in various Scots areas and voted for the Conservative Party!  Imagine!  Scots Labour people voting deliberately for the Tories, their mortal enemies, to stop the SNP winning a chance of a second referendum!  The result?  By voting in Conservative MPs in Scotland while the English Labour Party voted out Conservative MPs the Scots Labour folk have given success to Theresa May by ensuring she has enough seats to stave of Jeremy Corbyn who might now be Prime Minister in a government the Scots Labour Party wish for but they have ensured will not happen!
The brains of the Labour Party in Scotland has long ago dried up.

To getaway from it all I wandered in the gardens idly kicking loose toddlers into the bushes to tidy the place up while enjoying a surprisingly warm sun and the singing of the birds.  While I mused on the day and listened to the birds, not easy as so many young mothers were running about screaming for some reason, I considered we just have to 'get on with it' and not worry about the stupidity of Scots who vote Tory in spite of the attempt to kill the NHS, steal from the poor and take all off Scotland's oil profits south! 


the fly in the web said...

Given the time difference the exit poll was cheering me up by mid afternoon.....
But what a mess in Scotland!

Adullamite said...

Fly, It's a mess eevrywhere and getting worse by the minute.