Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Horses, Homes, and Hopeless Election

I was surprised to hear how many various animals were being saved by the animal sanctuary that parades in the town centre twice a year.  Beginning with donkeys they now have a variety of equine type creatures plus goats and cats and almost anything that gets dumped on them or saved by them. This was one wee pony happily stuffing himself and making friends with wee girls who found the special feed they ought not to have found, the pony liked them a lot.

Usually there are other animals, chickens, sheep etc, but the only other one that should have appeared, a donkey, was not in the mood and would not come to visit.  Anyone who deals with animals knows that they rule the roost, not you!  The man accompanying the animals and the table spread with things no use to me but helping to aid their funds was very helpful and chatty.  I have the link somewhere and one day will visit them on their home site if possible.  Remus

My landlord, now 86 years of age, has begun to forget things.  This is worrying for a man who has a sharp mind.  He has been diagnosed with early dementia of a mild type but that means little if you forget things constantly.  I begin to worry as to what this means for the home as we have no idea who would run the company if he gave up.  However today I have been tired and spent much time forgetting things also.  It is worrying the things that get forgotten, like switching of lights, oven, shutting doors and forgetting what I am doing while staring into a cupboard.  I am not sure whether this is age, dementia or just stupidity, it is hard to tell.  My typing is awful also, red lines appear constantly as the words do not spell themselves very well, I blame the laptop.  However if the landlord goes what happens to me then?  Ah well life is full of interesting developments.

So far two election leaflets for the County Council have dropped through the door, one Tory (who will win) one Labour.  I glanced at both wondering whether it was worth bothering to read them as they always say the same things and do what they wish anyway.   This area always vote for the Conservative in spite of the facts as the rich middle classes (of whom there are many) outnumber the divided poorer lot.  UKIP, the fascist/protest/numbskulllittleenglanderpeople  have taken some votes from the Tories and run them close last time, however Brexit has killed them and the Labour Party with its non-leader offer little in response.  What a state politics has got itself into.  The national UK government is abysmal with no opposition bar the SNP and local governments are abysmal with not enough people willing to come out and vote to remove the chancers while we can. I could read the leaflets but think recycling them will do the world more good.



Lee said...

Well....I'm purposely going to forget the world and all the nonsense that's going on and I'm going to devour chocolate for the next few days and feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever. I've forgotten what guilt is, too!

Adullamite said...

Lee, I am surprised to ehar you say you will stuff yourself with chocolate, I would never have thought that possible of you...