Thursday, 13 April 2017

Boring Again!

Nothing happened twice today.  What with the Easter break the news is quite boring,  folks are either away on holiday or finding things to occupy the kids, and I have been stuck in here ironing a pile of shirts.  This was important as there were no more in the cupboard.  While in Tesco this morning I was tempted to buy another one t save me ironing the rest, the need to spend cash put me off. 

While I was ironing I played a video on the laptop from youtube.  This featured a 'cab ride' in a diesel engine running at high speed from Colchester to London Liverpool Street some years ago.  As I watched I found it very relaxing and pondered on the many videos of seaside, birds, country areas, rail and I presume aircraft and boats also, a wide and varied array that are available on youtube and elsewhere that normal people would ignore.  I however find such things not only interesting but relaxing.  Maybe it's just my inherited crass stupidity or maybe there is another reason but I enjoy such videos.  Rail cab rides allow you to see the drivers view, really interesting on lines often used personally, and give an understanding of how lines operate.  It is fair to say that since privatisation they operate mostly in similar ways to the past but the profits go to a few and while the service deteriorates the prices go up!  At least those clever folks who make such videos keep their own profit while sharing their videos online today.

A railway compartment from the 30's.  While we travelled on them often most people would avoid us as no-one wishes to be trapped with kids on a train so often we were in quiet compartments.  I remember not only the wire like luggage rack above, the strange leather belt contraption that opened the windows but also above the seats three rather boring aged pictures  of Scottish landscapes, aways rather dull I thought.  However when travelling from London in the 80's I used to have a compartment to myself on the Aberdeen train as few realised it stopped at Waverley at three in the morning.  Always an enjoyable trip by myself I remember.   A museum visitor noticed the picture and commented that no-one ever spoke in those compartments. 


Lee said...

I find it easier to travel in my mind...that way I don't have to pack; be caught up in the madding crowd or forced to abide by timetables...I can go to places I wish to go, free of charge and get off if, when and where I choose to. Or...I can just stay home....

Have an enjoyable Easter, Mr. Ad-Man...I hope you've got plenty of chocolate at your beck and call!

Gwendolyn Herndon said...

If I had known you were ironing I would have sent over Prince's pants. I do them because the cleaners destroy the hooks. They still do his shirts. Why take them to the cleaners and not do them at home. Simply as a lass growing up in the country it was my job to do all the ironing. Sheets, pillow cases, pants, shirts etc etc. I am good at it but would rather not do the task every again. Train rides must have been fun but I never rode one until I was grown. Yes it is me Kitty Justice under my real name. Peace

Jenny Woolf said...

That absolutely BEAUTIFUL blossom was definitely not the right one to illustrate your post title of "Boring" ! Anyway, I actually thought that was an interesting post!

Adullamite said...

Lee, Travelling online is cheap also.

Gwendolyn, How nice to ehar you again! I say Prince should do his own ironing!

Jenny, If you like it I will seek out more of that blossom. I still think that was a boring post.