Saturday, 15 April 2017

Another Boring Day

I noticed these weeds (when does a flower become a weed?) when looking for dropped coins as I walked the streets this afternoon escaping the laptop.  Spring has an abundance of such at the moment, or is it just lazy men refusing to cut the grass I wonder?   Possibly the Monday holiday will see many happy men toiling in the garden.

It is a wonder this planet, the sky changes colour minute by minute, just looking in a different direction and the hue changes, the sea is a vast moving region that delights at all times, unless it is swamping us!  The greenery that flourishes in our wet climate, the verdant hues all around, the world is a marvellous lace yet we make it a litter bin by carelessness or lack of concern.   
This cartoon sums it up.  Vast quantities are floating about the seas killing wildlife and hindering shipping.  Some the result of storms sinking ships and damaging coastal towns, other vast amounts of individual rubbish thrown aside thoughtlessly that now bobs along heading your way.  
The UK is a filthy nation, litter lies around everywhere, occasional attempts at clean ups exist but councils don't help by charging enormous amounts for businesses to dump stuff, locals can do this free but as business has to pay uncaring types dump things in back roads!
Ah well, charging 5p for a plastic bag has lessened the amount floating around nowadays.


Dave said...

Someone once told me that weeds are just flowers by another name.
Yes charging 5p for a plastic bag has made a huge difference to litter. Lets hope they bring back the refund on glass bottles. An excellent source of pocket money!!

Adullamite said...

Dave, A yes, 2p a bottle, I have a couple of quid awaiting in the recycling bag.