Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Weeks Work Finished

Yes indeed my weeks work is over.  10 in the morning till one is work enogh for me I say.  In fact the girls at work made it abundantly clear that such hours were indeed sufficent for them also.   I see this as concern for my welfare.  
The second week of Half Term saw another thousand kids cram into the hall, each paying £2 a go, mums also staying paying only £3 to keep them company.  Cheap enough when considered against the prices charged at more commercial ventures.  Having stuffed the till with slippy new £5 notes and almost run out of one pound coins, both old ones and some of the shiny new ones, I sat back to drink my tepid tea and found myself confronted with the middle classes coming to see the last week of the art exhibition.

Saturday will be the last chance to see the 'Skinny Dippers' as the show ends and the girls prepare for the textile exhibition that follows.  I am not sure I wish to look at knitting, crochet, or textile stuff  yself but this is how we survive.  The present exhibition has brought in the crowds and at times so will the next one but I longfor a proper HISTORY exhibition!

A glance at the tree opposite the other day saw the wood pigeon settling down on an almost bare branch for the night.  Today the same tree is awash with green!   Spring takes so long in arriving and suddenly breaks out all over the place.  Marvellous!  Naturally I have been inside missing it.

Now I have time and if I find energy I must get out and take pictures of something different, I wonder what?   Anywhere interesting is stuffed full of kids, anywhere else isn't or is too far off beam and what is left?  Hopefully I will find out sometime this week.


Suza said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the Green picture most.

Lee said...

I'm with you..."a proper HISTORY exhibition" would be of more interest to me, too.

Adullamite said...

Suza, Yes the light is good.

Lee, Indeed!