Thursday, 6 April 2017

Garden Wander

To escape from the laptop I strode manfully through the public gardens today to see what life was like outside in the sunshine.  Being Half Term the place was choked with adolescents shouting at each other with half the gardens given over to toddlers and their neurotic mum's.  This was not going to be the time to catch a Robin sitting on a bench nor really the ideal opportunity to picture Blossom. 

As I wandered around I wondered about the Dear Leader and her entourage.  Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia, a nation we built up under Abdullah, saw it taken during a nasty civil war in the twenties by the Saudi's, and now the home of billions of money Theresa wishes to get her hands on. She kept up the PR stunts of her predecessor, remember taking lots of women to visit Trump in the US?  Well she was at it here refusing to wear a headscarf though she avoided driving just to ensure she made some money.  While not mentioning the cutting off criminals hands, nor the heads lopped off every so often, nor the place of women under the Wahabee  strict rule she did manage to get out a message mentioning the dropping of the word 'Easter' from 'Easter Eggs.'    
Now she is of course right in this, the food manufacturers do not wish to put anything regarding Jesus on their packaging and she ought to embarrass them by asking why?  However her Christian concern would be better appreciated if  the Tories had not chosen this week in which to cut benefits from children who have lost parents, nor to begin cutting money for the disabled and a great many other cruel and vindictive policies which hit the poorest and show no concern for 'Loving thy neighbour!'

A mixture of little Spring plants adorn the front of a house round the corner.  I regard this as the best garden at this time of year.  Little plants of blue and yellow with purple heather and green bits enhancing a very natural Spring garden.  I like it.

I was musing the other day about those poor Arsenal fans who wish their long serving manager to go!  He took over the club about 20 years ago and has given them the Championship, several cups and finished in the Champions League places almost every year, and they want him to go because he has not won the Championship for a long time, nor have they succeeded in Europe.  
Poor things!
I reckon half of those who grumble were not born when he arrived and almost as many were too young to know what was going on, yet they grumble!  Real football fans, that is almost every team in every division of every league at every level have to face the fact that sometimes they have good times and sometimes they do not.  The fans who become used to success, such as those at the Heart of Midlothian, quickly become despairing when success that dangles tantalisingly close is suddenly taken away from them are just as bad as Arsenal fans who are used to success but not regarding the two trophies that now mean so much to them, indeed they believe they now have a right to! 
Silly Arsenal fans.  You only get what you deserve.
No matter how much money you spend you cannot guarantee success.  Clearly Celtic, spending about £700,000 on each player a year will have more chance of success than Inverness Caledonian Thistle who spend £42,000 a year, yet success is not guaranteed even then.  A poor manager, disputes within the dressing room and a variety of bad results can lead to despair and failure no matter how much is spent.  The leading English clubs, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal have all spent at least a billion and they too go through hard times.  The fans, especially those who were not there during the hard times, are often the first to utter complaints when success is not seen, fans of lesser clubs with little money may never see much success but an occasional cup win but these fans are often more loyal, better behaved, always there even if in small numbers and will still be there when failure comes once again. 
Poor Arsenal fans, come into the real world, there is a place for you.


Lee said...

I'm sick of all the politically-correct B/S...and refuse to succumb to all the stupidity of it.

Those clowns who are removing the word "Easter" from Easter eggs, whether they're removing the word entirely or placing it on the rear side of the product should wake up to themselves and get a life!!

I love your pics of the blossoms. They help wipe away all the nonsense that continues to go on in our world.

Annie Cameron said...

So this is what it's like to be able to wander around thinking about stuff all day? Haha How are you doing old friend? (This is Strawberry Girl)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Avoiding the media is a good way to relax.

Anne, I can wander, in the warm air, but thinking, now that is another option I rarely make use off.