Sunday, 9 April 2017


Being Palm Sunday the kids were in and appropriate music was played.  The day was delightful and most were happy for the most part, at least the looked happy scoffing the cakes afterwards.  However I awoke early this morning and forced myself back to sleep a couple of times until a BBC radio programme called 'Sunday' was heard.  This is supposedly the 'religious' programme, once Christian and now a mixed bag of anything but bible based news.  Their favourite subject is sex, pushing gay sex being the BBC, women, and any trouble anywhere that is as far from bible truth as possible.  Now I am happy to see, or is that hear, other religions mentioned, today however I was a wee bit miffed that questioning whether the Resurrection occurred or not the individuals asked about this tended to be unbelievers!  Having two sides of the story, one for and one against is not wrong but the impression was that those who chose not to believe (no question was asked as to how they got their evidence that there was no eternal life) were given more credence than those who did believe.  A discussion on the survey that was behind the question began with a somewhat woolly Anglican and a woman from the survey.  I quickly gave up and wondered why a more open debate, with someone offering help to understand the resurrection as well as the opinions of those who disbelieve it (most in my view have not investigated this) did not occur.  Like so many other aspects of life Jesus and belief in him is not allowed in public debate, yet millions believe in him in one form or another, why is the BBC unwilling to tolerate him?

I cycled to church today, against the wind going and against the wind coming back home again.  Now tell me how this can be?  The east wind was quite strong going there, turning south the wind grew stringer and my debilitated body was not enjoying the puffing as I finished the ten minute ride.  On the way back I expected to be blown along at a fair old rate, not a chance, the wind now came from the west!  How does this work I ask?  I do not mind cycling against the wind as long as it blows me back home but this is just unfair!  
However that said two days short bike rides and already I feel better for it.  I breathe deeper, my muscles are reappearing (not that this says much) and the ache in the knees is considerably worse, except of course when I stand up after sitting for a while!  Now I must pump up the tyres, add some oil in several places and possibly even clean the thing, though that can wait, all cleaning waits in this house.     


Kay G. said...

I understand your frustration on the BBC show about the Resurrection.
I often feel the same way when I am watching some British TV show and there is a character who is a Christian. "OH Boy, I can spot the murderer now!, I will always say and sure enough, I am usually right!

Adullamite said...

Kay, You are of course right. It is normal for all media today.

Lee said...

Beautiful pink blossoms they are. One of my palm trees out front dropped a frond with an almighty thump on Sunday!