Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesday Twaddle

Tonight I will sit in the dark.
I spent the whole day doing almost nothing at the museum.  Hardly a soul came in and when they did I was busy at my laptop and they interrupted me.   Tsk!  Now I am exhausted.  Innit always the way?
Nothing happened, all day!  Now my brain is dead and off little use to me.  Not much change.

I so wish I had taken this photo!  It does not matter if it is a set up or not it is a marvellous slant on so many things.  The cat looks somewhat bewildered to me, possibly wondering what he was there for, but being a cat I am sure he will do it anyway.  If he cannot do it he will just eat whatever is lying around and go to sleep.

On days like this, gray, dreich, depressing, when the sky never clears and the sun remains hidden I just want to be by the coast far from it all.  I want clear air, sea, sky and few people around as I wander about.  
There is something about the sea that speaks of freedom, possibly because you can jump on a boat and sail away, whereas being in the country, though enjoyable, means it goes on for ever and often does not get you away from whatever is around you.  
Not that I recommend travel by small boat around the world, or indeed large liner, the sea is its won master and those waves get very large in some areas and storms can continue for days.  In those conditions being on land is superiour.  The only thing I miss about this area is the absence of sea.  I must travel a distance to find it and then travel all the way back when I have put it away for the night.  One day I will be rich enough to own a home there.  One day I will be rich?  Those tablets are wearing off!

The noise of an explosion outside reminds me that November 5th is the time we fill the world with fireworks, bonfires and visits to the accident & emergency services.  While a good fireworks demonstration is appealing I find the needless desire to fill every night of the week with the noise a bit of a pain.  I do realise that many animals also get terrified when such noise erupts, cats & dogs wonder what is going on with little enjoyment from the sight of the things high above.  I'm not one for banning them but restricting their use would be worth considering.  There is a man nearby who considers any event an excuse to set of fireworks, birthdays, weddings, having a cup of tea, it all brings out a few bangs in the sky.  I say control yourself man!


Suza said...

very beautiful I ove the dog

the fly in the web said...

Here, if it goes bang it is illegal:how that marries with the spectacular firework displays put on by the council - and by everyone at New Year - is beyond me.

And what about those land mines whose double explosion announces each and every local fiesta?

Good job they don't know about Guy Fawkes or that would add one more festivity to the whizz and bang nights...

Adullamite said...

Suza, The dog is great.

Fly, I've just emailed Costa Rica details of Guy Fawkes like you asked.....what?...oh!

Lee said...

Guy Fawkes Night, 5th November was part of our childhood when I was in my childhood...(a child in the hood...no, I wasn't). We loved Guy Fawkes Night...building a guy and the fire upon which to plonk him. Great fun! :)

But...like so many good, fun things of old, it is no longer celebrated here.

Adullamite said...

Lee, You can have it!