Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday Mix

Today was a do little day except when wandering in the park to catch some of the late sunshine.  I was tempted by these yellow leaves hanging in the said sunshine, they brightened up the whole area and reflected the sun well.  Warm sun in November?  Trump fails to recognise Global Warming yet here it is in Essex!  There again he fails to recognise anything that does not lead to money.  The more I think about him I wonder what is inside his head?   Is he a weak man who needs to make money to fulfill himself?  Is power what matters, power that gives him position and plenty so he can feel secure?  Whatever he will not be as important to me as that leaf shining in the sunshine and lasting only a short time. 

Computers are marvellous things however they can be a bit of a bother.  I had several local war memorials on a link, memorials I had investigated.  I printed them of and found a copy in the museum yesterday in the correct folder.  I cannot however find the links!  This means that I simply have to investigate all of them once again!!!  Nothing better than a trawl through the CWGC site then through Ancestry for family info.  I spent two or more hours on one man today, very interesting and all that, but over two hours when I could have done something useful like clean the sinks!
Maybe I will do four hours tomorrow....

In case you did not realise it CHRISTMAS is almost here!  On Saturday the museum is having it's Christmas Shop and we are dressing up as Victorians.  Quite why we feel the need to make every Christmas a Victorian thing I fail to understand, Charles Dickens I suppose but it leaves me wondering if I should develop Ricketts or get myself transported to Botany Bay?  
So tomorrow if I can get the energy I will finish my Christmas shop, do the rest of the cards, check who I have missed and then gloat while everyone else runs about daft worrying about their shopping.  I am convinced you lot have done all your shopping already and are happily sitting around drinking red wine and laughing at the rest, am I right?  

I came across a blogger that those who like really good photographs must investigate. Suza Is based in Germany and takes the most fantastic pictures with her mobile!  You must investigate this site as it is brilliant!


Dave said...

Our cards all written as we use Scout post and they have an early cut off date. Thanks for the link to Suza, she has great pictures.

Adullamite said...

Dave, Suza does has fabulous pics.

Lee said...

I was shaking my tail with my two furry rascals the other day on my birthday. I pumped up the music and let the fur fly!! :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, I bet the 'cats' enjoyed this.