Monday, 31 October 2016


The mist tempted me out again today, as far as the shop wherein bread could be found!  Afterwards I busied myself at home doing those things that have not been done.  They still haven't!  
The speed of the laptop varies as the day goes by, maybe it will settle down soon?  In the meantime I took advantage to begin scrawling a wee thing about remembrance for the museum and the media.  I pass it too the boss who translates it into newspeak and they either change it again or ignore it.
As it is I have yet to finish it as I forgot half the stuff I should have used.  Bah!

Sometimes places look better in the mist or the dark don't ya think?  
Not that the few out and about cared, another Monday trek to work with bleary eyes and cold feet was their lot.  A few cars, some key holders opening the shop, well opening it enough to get in and put the kettle on and find the coffee while waiting for the staff to arrive full of cheer.  
The damp streets would not encourage folks to leave centrally heated homes and the mist out there on the wet roads did encourage at least four accidents from half asleep drivers not considering the word around them.  Mondays they say are the worst days for accidents, tiredness, bad mood and weather conditions combine, although a degree of left over beer can also remain and affect drivers. These are not days to be ambulancemen or traffic police!  It is not the day to be a bus driver trying to keep to his time either, the mist and the accidents ruining the day.

This of course is Halloween, the latest fad for taking money from stupid people.  The absurd horror pictures filling facebook & twitter, the vast sums spent on dressing up and even more spent avoiding kids Guising (I refuse to use the American term) as well as nobody actually understanding what all this is actually about takes some beating.  Tomorrow it will all be gone and while most of it is fun for kids there are those who will be enticed into dangerous areas through such activities.  What was once a pagan get together, possibly with a fear of evil involved, is now a party in which real demons do indeed entice some. 
Churches of course usually have alternative activities for kids, some even regard it a All Hallows day, from which Halloween comes, and those who actually benefit most are the makers and retailers of all the garbage that suddenly fills the shelves, shelves which by this time tomorrow will be packed with Christmas goodies.  
Good luck to you!


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Lee said...

It's time for you to drag our your Johnny Mathis album, I think!

the fly in the web said...

The culture ministry here is determined not to let American Halloween take hold. For the last few years they have encouraged parades of papier mache figures on stilts - usually caricatures of local or national politicians - and encouraged the telling of Costa Rican ghost stories, most of which are enough to keep the stoutest hearted indoors after dark.

Adullamite said...

Duza, Thanks.

Lee, NO!!

Fly, Oh if only!