Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday Murmuring

I have even less to say today than I had yesterday having spent the day indoors doing the occasional things that required doing weeks ago.  Now after several weeks I have cleared the stuff of the couch and found proper places for it, and begun to fill it again with other stuff.  I have as yet to clear the dust from it however.  
I did however manage to clear up one or two items on my 'to do' list of dead people to research.  This gives great satisfaction despite the fact that this information will never be used in any way whatsoever as far as I can see!  Still you never know and it is interesting.  

The other day I checked the names on those wee crosses left at the memorial and much to my consternation and indeed amusement I could find no details of those mentioned.  It could be memory has led to people putting the wrong name, date, regiment on the cross or it could be all of the said men have been missed off but I doubt that somehow.  Mistakes have been made but something is wrong here I say.  At least Ingram has had the decency to die at the Somme as advertised but most of the others appear to have been misinforming the locals.  I however know little of Ingram and it is too late tonight to look into him.

You will of course have noticed that Fidel Castro has died.  For many years the bad boy in US eyes and a man they attempted to kill with exploding cigars amongst other things survived until he saw the end of the United States, that is he saw Trump arriving and decided his job was done.
Castro was another little rich boy turned revolutionary, his friend Che Guevara was revolutionary also but only good for knocking things down, he failed in the work of building up, Castro built up his nation, decent education, hospitals and other things with one bad side effect, a lack of trust.
In the beginning, and I suppose as long as the CIA kept trying to kill him, he imposed a tyranny on Cuba, understandable at the time but clearly going too far as time past.  
With the right wing nutters in the White House attempting to kill him because rich Cuban exiles in Florida told them to it is clear he had enemies aplenty.  However having rid the previous tyrant is no excuse for imposing your own Communist style tyranny.  This is a shame as Cuba could have been an example for many nearby states to follow.  It is said Castro had 600 attempts on his life, clearly not very good ones as he died in his 90's, and we are left wondering if the US really wanted rid of him?
The best way to deal with Castro was not to stop trading with Cuba but to encourage it.  This would create wealth in Cuba, allow the US 'soft war' to reach the people and encourage them to demand that sort of life rather than the one offered them.  I reckon this would have changed Cuba by the 70's if not the 80's had it been tried.  Once Communism fell then the doors were open but the dafties in the US could not see it.
I was not a fan of Castro, remove a tyrant yes, replace him with an ideology that fails the people, no!


the fly in the web said...

I suppose that Castro survived, living as he did in the era pre drones...

Jenny Woolf said...

Wonder what will happen in Cuba now, eh.
These days it could be anything. ...

Adullamite said...

Fly, You cynic you!

Jenny, Anything can happen now, Trump will make sure of that. Who knows if the present Castro can hold ittogether now.h