Monday, 7 November 2016

Worried Yet?

Within the next twenty four hours this man could be President of the United States and have his hands on the nuclear button.
Now stop and think about that!

That's enough thinking.
It may well be that Hillary will win anyway and for yonks afterwards we will hear nothing but cries of "We were robbed!" from his support.  I hope they cry loud.  The world will be safer, though I doubt America will be!  The loonies from the backwoods will probably declare civil war once again.
Repent now, while there is still time....

In the more civilised Free World such attitudes never appear.  All is done in a sporting manner and each politician 'plays up and plays the game,' like they ought. I did however notice the desperation of the Conservative leader to hurry through this 'Brexit' plan that will bankrupt England & Wales (Scotland will become independent) and line the pockets of her friends Boris Johnson & Liam Fox.  How she squares this with her intention to move the 'Nasty Party' into the centre ground I know not as all her policies are of the extreme left.
The three judges who insisted that parliament must have its say have been disgracefully treated by low slung attacks of vile quality that even the 'Daily Mail' gave up all pretence to objectivity in its coverage.  There is a new Nazi Party afoot and the week, the old, the disabled and other non millionaires are about to suffer for it.


Kay G. said...

Isn't it true that Trump's mother was born in Scotland? You should be so proud.
Hey, I mentioned you in my last post!

Lee said...

One would think with a population of over 300 million they could've come up with two better candidates. They're as bad as each other.

Clinton is no prize, either! If she wins I bet Bill won't be bringing out the cigars in celebration!

Adullamite said...

Kay, Indeed she was from the Isle of Lewis, look it up! Donald's father was a German she met in the States.

Lee, Most of the 300 million are just as bad!