Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tsk! What a Mess!

I slept well last night.  
Climbing in between the gray ex-army blankets (marked WD 1940, I think Dad acquired them) I snoozed away listening to the BBC's over the top coverage of the US election.  At one point I changed channel to find both R4 & R5 offering the same thing so put on a cassette tape (ask your dad) and slumbered away.  
The morning brought the same programme still full of loud Americans denouncing one another and speaking without listening but in between I realised the Trump had won.  Dearie me, what does this mean?  I am convinced Trump stood for the Presidency on the basis that he would be soon rejected as a self seeking liar and now he has ended up as president!  The UK had a similar game played recently between the Public Schoolboys and two of them have departed yet one remains in the foreign Office.  Dearie me, we vote for such as this and they vote for that!

Trump, famed for tax dodging, bullying and lying in his teeth was selected as their man by the evangelicals in the Midwest.  This adulterous liar was seen as better than Hilary?  How come?
Even Billy Graham, famed for supporting all Republicans even though their character was clear to all, Nixon, Regan and Dubya  gave his support to Trump for the sake of America, because of the 'All American Image' he proposed.  Unbelievable!  
The Evangelical side of US Christianity failed here.  The 'Good News' is replaced by a US myth and at the root of that myth is false freedom and the love of money.  It is self and self alone that is worshiped, greed is good while care for others is ignored.  We only have to look at the relations with Blacks (oh sorry, African Americans) or the residue of the Indian nations (oops, sorry Native Americans, I love the way white liberals change the names but don't actually change their prospects) and the millions living in real poverty and without adequate health care throughout the States to see how Christianity has been replaced by Republicanism and white Republicanism at that.
The Book of Amos ought to be compulsory reading for those 'evangelicals' who backed Trump.  I suspect however they do not have that book in their book!

How a woman who accepts abortion and gay sex as normal can be opposed while an adulterer and four times married man can be accepted and supported beats me.  Both are wrong and both ought to be opposed.  Far better for the church in the US to stand up for Jesus instead of looking for worldly goods and myths.  Far better to attempt to change the political system and seek a better one that was fair to all that perpetuate one that has failed so blatantly.  However they did not oppose they merely took sides and ensured a disaster for the world.  Those that have the book must read it and put Jesus words before their own social background and its many myths.  
Trump may not be the worst ever President, he may even do some good, however he ought not to have been there.  What a mess and the only one happy is President Putin!   Today he begins his assault on..well anywhere he chooses now...

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars,
 but see to it that you are not alarmed. 
Such things must happen, 
but the end is still to come. 
Matthew 24:6


Jenny Woolf said...

As you say nobody is using common sense. I too wish the church would give a moral lead, since the government we have now clearly isn't going to.

Lee said...

The only mess was Clinton...and now that's been cleaned up.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Too many churches have moved from scripture and cannot give a moral lead!

Lee, Typical Trump fan! He might visit....