Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Another Day of Joy and Happiness. Bah!

Life was hard enough today.
Weary after running around for a couple of days yet ended up all day at the museum.
People off on a 'Jolly' and too few left to hold the fort on a very busy day.
To cap it all as I tried to photograph the new shop setup the camera failed - the battery was dead!!!
I mused on murder but decided this was not acceptable...

The day got worse.
Three members of staff, there are only four, were out today at a trainign session, three at one time!
This left the manager who is not up to organisigthings he rarely organises. 
Jn did come to help, but was grumbling like a sinking sailor about it all.
My replacement did not know she was my replacement so went to the hairdresser so she did not arrive.
Over eighty people did however for our very interesting talk, eighty!
Had I gone at one as I ought there would be no-one to man the till.  
Had Peggy not remained until three we could not deal with all the folks arriving, and arriving all at once as they do!  She worked late, and very well, but I had also to help organise the things forgotten for the talk, chairs, tea, etc.  
Then in the middle of it all it appears a woman collapsed and an ambulance had to be called.
This is an elderly generation of visitors and they understood the sudden ending and knew it could easily have been them!  So they went home (eventually).
I got home late, tired and lacking interest in life.
Because of the battery I got NO FOTOS!



the fly in the web said...

You poor chap!
Sounds like a good reason to broach a bottle of single malt.

Lee said...

That's all very similar to the mood I woke up with today...and said mood lingered throughout the day...so I just dodged the outside world and the people therein. My battery was flat from the get-go...so I think it will be an early night for me tonight...shut-down stations!

Dave said...

A hard day at the office the. I hope they recognise all your efforts.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Now look what you made me do...!

Lee, Low batteries mean do nothing days.

Dave, I think they recognised something was up when they read the rather stiff email I sent them all!

carol in cairns said...

How does that work? Paid staff (I presume) get to go on training while the volunteer staff man the fort? There is no sensibility or human dignity in that scenario. For me another batch of year 12s hatch tomorrow .. out into the real world, and like previous years some of them haven't failed to disappoint me at the eleventh hour.

Adullamite said...

Carol, No idea how it works but our boss has some funny organisation ideas. However I popped in there today and was welcomed - by at least one person...
Those 12 yrs will look back on your time with relish in years to come and wish they were back with you.