Thursday, 10 November 2016

Non Political Blether

I spent the day in the Great War!
Researching info for the museum handout for schools I have no made the one page handout three pages long and have nowhere near finished.  It was interesting to remember things forgotten and helpful for what I scribbled down however it may not be what the boss woman wishes.
Add to this a short search for info on four men for a remembrance service, which probably will not be used, and altogether I ahve spent much of the day wasting my time.
No change there.

The boiler plays up.
It will not switch on, at least it switches on and goes off.  The thermostat is never at the right temperature for the brute and I keep fiddling with it and waiting, and waiting, and waiting until something happens.  I began at ten past seven this morning and it finally lit up around one!!!
We shall set it again tonight and see what occurs in the morning - frostbite and chilblains I suspect. 

To get warm I went out, it was warmer in the wind than inside.  
I went to 'Poundland' (actually I think ours is a 'Poundworld') for cheap feed for the Starlings that squabble at the feeders.  They are chomping away good style at the moment, I wonder if the cold and wet is making it hard for them to feed elsewhere?  There is usually plenty of places for birds to feed around here but I eventually got what I wanted this morning and before I shut the window the brutes were arriving.
'Poundworld' is full of cheap Chinese trash, ideal for my Christmas shopping!  I usually send gift cards up north, I wonder if they do them...?
I also searched charity shops for a waistcoat for  'do' at the museum coming up soon.  We are supposed to dress up and the women always do it well but I have nothing to suit.  I may have to travel in the zimmer bus tomorrow as the charity shops here are stocking only winter stuff now.

The TV news is full of the election still, I turned it off.  
It's over, the mistake is made, President Putin has him under control, the world is safe.
I bet the secretaries are worried mind! 

Today I began the Christmas shop.  One or two cards, I don't need many, and planning what to buy. "Don't buy for me," they cry, meaning "I am not buying for you!"
Why can't they be honest?
I wish for nothing but to give to them and what I wish for they canny give anyway.   Still it has begun and I will have mine done by next week, all posted on the 1st December and just my fat slob stuff for Christmas to buy.


the fly in the web said...

I went in search of a washing machine today. Shops full of Chinese tat for the Christmas season but luckily they weren't playing Jungle bells yet.
On return, set up washing machine which was the signal for a downpour and then the thing broke down...back to the shop tomorrow muttering distinctly unChristmassy words...

Lee said... quickly it comes around again. I bought a box of Christmas cards about five years ago...and I've still got some left!!

Christmas, once more, will be very low-key for me...purposely so.

Kay G. said...

There is a Poundland in Eastbourne! I didn't get to go there this past time, but two years ago, I got some reading glasses there. I have worn them every day since then, so...pretty good for a pound!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Offer to sing Carols to them, I'm sure that will ensure you become a happy customer.

Lee, I have one or two disgusting card still, I may use them!

Kay, 'Poundland' in Eastbourne? Never!