Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sea Me....

Oh to go down to the sea again!  How I miss it!  I have not seen the sea fora very long time, and the sea has not seen me either for that matter, not that in the mind of the sea I matter that much.  That picture is two years old, and I suspect the ship has managed to make land by now.
In fact I have not been anywhere for a while, mostly because I have been busy searching for dead soldiers or have felt rough.  At last I ventured forth into work yesterday and sat there half asleep all morning.  Clearly an improvement they all thought, usually I am totally asleep!  
Today I was so keen I returned to seeking info on dead men and after much struggle succeeded (although nothing succeeds like a budgie).  I have found interesting info and now must contact the great, great granddaughter of the poor soul to inform them.  Before I do this I need to investigate two more of her distant relatives and pass that info on also, but most of that has already been unearthed. 
I did make two mistakes today, one was to discover yet another butterfly butterflying at the window, so much for then dying out!  I aided his escape and decided to rescue the one in the bathroom.  This I did by gently easing him onto a little booklet and carting him to the fresh air at the open window.  As the beast realised the way was clear he flew off as I congratulated myself on the rescue.  Unfortunately he almost crashed into the telegraph pole outside and swerving to avoid this he went under a car!  I was horrified.  There is no way off knowing if he was carried along the road and escaped, and I am not sure if the bits in the road were parts of a fallen leaf or my mate.  I feel more guilty about this than most things!

My second mistake was to forget I am not fit.  The shelving is falling down and the wee shop next door had a nice (cheap) bookshelf stood standing doing nothing there.  A quick walk in, use the arm as a ruler and measure the length, and then wander up the road pondering the price.  That was the other day as I crept early up to Tesco, today I remeasured the bookcase, using my arm, and my failing shelving, using my arm.  I then obtained the money from the bank, thanks girl for the loan of those nylons, and bought the bookcase, £10 off seeing it was me.  I carried the shelves upstairs and he gave me a hand up my one flight.  This was the mistake!  Forgetting that I was run down, forgetting that I was not fit forgetting that I am 'ahem' older than I was, as he raced back to his shop I floundered on my chair gasping for breath in a manner unknown to me! In fact those athletes at Glasgow in the following few days may find themselves less breathless than I was at that moment.  I really need to do some exercise, properly, and three times a week. The girls at work say, "Visit a doctor," but we know he will just say "Fat slob," so there is no need. At one point this afternoon I was however almost thinking about it.

There are wars and rumours of wars, there are celebs filling the empty pages of papers, and now the kids here are on holiday!  Can it get any worse I ask.....? 



Lee said...

I'm watching the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games as I write this. It was great to see Rod Stewart...he's looking pretty good and very fit for his age. Tall, leggy blondes keep him that way, I guess...and a thousands kids! :)

I think you should go, pay a visit to your doc, too, Mr. Ad-Man. I think you might just need a good tonic to get you feeling 100%. So take heed! :)

the fly in the web said...

Never mind not sound generally run down - luckily not by a car like the unfortunate butterfly.
When I was a girl doctors used to prescribe arsenic tonics in such cases - try asking your doctor for one of those and watch his reaction.

Mo said...

Love that postcard picture.

I read somewhere or was it on the radio? Can't remember now but an organisation, can't remember which one, wants everyone to count the butterflies and inform them of all the details of said butterfly(ies). They are in danger of dying out apparently.

Carol in Cairns said...

Going to sea ~ to find a warmer place to live ~ to live a healthier lifestyle ~ and be well in body, mind and spirit ~ Hmmm ~ I wonder where in the Commonwealth that might be? Ooh ~ I know ~ Australia!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Yeah, with the seashore being almost a full italic stade from your doorstep, it would be quite a trip for you to take on two bald bicycle tires and no bearings in your belfry.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I missed all that as I forgot, although such events tend to pass me by anyway.

Fly, You trying to poison me for my money? A mistake on so many levels.

Mo, Yes I heard that somewhere, probably the BBC I suggest, or at least they will have a link.

Carol, I am knocking at your door now, teapot in hand.