Saturday, 26 July 2014

Beesy Saturday

The threatened thunder stayed away and instead we had 80 degrees of heat at lunchtime.  I was stuck in the museum doing nothing as the sun took people off to places outside.  So I wondered into the organic garden outside to get a few pics of the numerous beasties gathered there.  They all left as I arrived!  A startling small white butterfly alighted on a lunchbox and waited right up to the moment I raised the camera to flee!  The various bees disappeared also, all bar this man who was too busy enjoying himself to care.  However he enjoyed himself so much he would not stand still and this was the best picture out of many I took.  Bah!

The football season began today.  The wee cup first round in which the Heart of Midlothian triumphed. Having fallen asleep I almost missed it, how times change!  Once I would have yearned for the season to begin, now I am already a bit tired of it because the World Cup just took up so much time that required an absence from the beautiful game.  I wonder how many players will begin the season jaded? Too many I suspect.  There again, when the league actually begins and we play one of the ugly sisters I suspect then I will find enthusiasm once again. 

Until then I'm back off to bed.



Lee said...

I love your photo of the bee busy doing what bees do. Good shot. :)

As for football...I thought the season went all seems to do so...or a game seems to last for a year. ;)

Enjoy your football...thumbs up!

Carol in Cairns said...

Three times huh? Those footballers look a bit odd ~ not very relaxed at all. Yes, what an odd photo.

Mike Smith said...

Hearts played well although they need to be more ruthless in front of goal.

Jenny Woolf said...

Good picture. And what a nice museum it must be to have an organic garden.
The joke made me laugh!

Adullamite said...

Lee, Lee behave!

Carol, The footballers were used to advertise the new shirts, they are not normal models, as you see.

Mike, Bring back Donald Ford.

Jenny, Nice, but small. Lovely collection off plants and beasties.

Lady Di Tn said...

Funny. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lady peace.