Friday, 25 July 2014

My Weather Eye is Open.


My weather eye has to be open, that is something folks living on these islands get used to.  The weather is a major topic of conversation because it keeps happening to us.  Rarely does it fail to occur, always it waits outside for us, occasionally making its way indoors.  Recent days have seen high temperatures and bright hot sunlight.  People in Edinburgh were calling the police to report a huge UFO seen high in the sky.  After much deliberation the investigating detectives discovered this was the sun! I am informed the Haar (that's mist to you) has managed on occasion to come from its normal position just about the Firth of Forth and cover the entire city in a more normal outlook.  However the sun has kept leaking out, even in Edinburgh.  We, here in this southern wilderness, are more used to the yellow thing in the sky but we are also prey to many more thunderstorms.  We had a short one this morning not long after I had taken that early picture.  I sat in the somewhat chilly sun for a while around seven enjoying the peace, the blue sky and the sunshine.  I need to get out of here every so often and see what light is like.  
By late afternoon, late for me anyway, the sky had changed.  The clouds gather in large clumps, rain clouds threaten in the distance and the weatherman helpfully informs us the hot weather will leave us for a 'while.'  The 'while' may well be ten years but we wait and see.  
Some places have weather that rarely varies, it is either always hot or cold, or just yukky.  The British Isles however have the thousands of miles of Atlantic Ocean at one side bringing in left over storms from the Americas and the land mass that is the continent on the other.  Both affect the weather that lands on us!  Tonight we face rain in west Scotland and thunderstorms here. The weather will cool and normality will return.  A few days of "I'm glad that's gone, it was too hot," becomes "Why is it always cold here, I'm off to Spain!"  Some folks are never happy, always complaining, and I see no reason for this....... 


Now here's a funny thing.  The Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow, Scotland's second city. However when the opening night arrived this brought the first ever occasion on which the home nations national anthem was sung!  There was no 'Flower of Scotland' to be heard merely the English anti Scots dirge, God save the Queen.  Further much speculation has been put about regarding the Red Arrows display team.  They normally end the show with a pume of smoke being left behind in the sky, always offering the red, white and blue.  However a request that Blue and white, signifying the Scots flag was turned down by the English defence secretary on the basis that they 'only use red, white and blue.'  This has surprised many as we have all seen them displayed red and white in the shape of the English flag before, but maybe he was being duplicitous?  Interestingly cyclists with Union Flags on their helmets were allowed but those with Scots flags were not!  The Westminster tyrants never end their persecution of Scotland and Scots yet remain determined to keep the  Scots cash flowing into London! 



the fly in the web said...

Good way to put the Yes vote up....

Lee said...

Whether to be or whether not to be a wether out in the weather/

The opening ceremony of the Games was a little bland, a little disappointing, in my opinion. I watched it from beginning to end, but I've seen better. But what goes on during the Games themselves is what it's all about.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I hope so!

Lee, I have seen nothing of the games so far! Typical.