Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Syria Again

Once again we hear of shelling and people killed.  The Egyptian squabbles have kept the Syrian ones from us for a week or two making us forget there were people dying there as TV pictures ignored them.  Only one major story at a time please.  The added stunt this time is those chemical weapons once more.  Several points are made here.
Chemical Weapons inspectors are in Syria at this moment, why would Assad use such weapons now?  We all know he has them.
Assad does not need to use such weapons, he is if anything once more getting the upper hand as far as can be said.
Did the 'rebels' use the weapons themselves, yet experts tell us they do not have the capabilities to use nerves gas.
The effects appear to be from such gas.
Did an ally of the 'rebels' use this gas to blacken Assad? 
The UK and the USA both condemn this action.
The UK and the USA both wish to aid the Islamist rebels yet not aid the army against Islamists in Egypt.  Do they know what they are doing? 

Lots of questions but no answers in this mucky propaganda war, and the people keep on dying.

The media for the most part is still full of emptiness however, deaths in a country of which we know little do not sell papers at this time of year, do they?



the fly in the web said...

Every death diminishes us...particularly when we can't get off our backsides to rise in protest and force governments to ban the arms trade.

Jenny Woolf said...

Very good points, very interesting post. Yes, what is propaganda and what isn't?

As for not caring, I do know Syria quite well (as I have said before), and I find the whole thing heartbreaking. But most people do not know and also know that they do not know anything about it.

Lee said...

Are there ever any answers?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

One of the initial thoughts I had when I first saw a news report on the alleged chemical attack was that the rebels did it to draw the focus back on Syria.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Folks are convinced both sides are bad and unsure what lies behind this conflict. It is as clear as mud to most.

Jenny, Indeed, it is very confusing and I doubt this government really understand what they are doing.

Lee, No obvious ones here.

Jerry, That was my first thought.

Relax Max said...

That was your first thought? There were more, then? --Multiple thoughts on this?

Best to leave things like this in the expert and capable hands of our esteemed leaders. Mr. Cameron will know what to do.

Adullamite said...

Max, Cameron has taken steps, he has disappeared!

soubriquet said...

Clammer-on has not disappeared. Last week the papers were jabbering on about him not going deerstalking in Scotland, this week he's spreading the joy by not going lobster shooting in Cornwall.

Next week he'll not be sparrow hawking in east anglia.

I'm currently not piranha biting in Yorkshire.

soubriquet said...

as for Syria, I m sure both sides are equally nasty. no good will come of it. they're showing the worst of humanity.

Adullamite said...

Soub, Indeed he is on holiday, but he may come back, and that's the worry.

Soub, Canny disagree with that.