Thursday, 8 August 2013

"Each did what was right in his own eyes."

The ancient Hebrews moved into what they called the 'promised land' and once dominance had been secured they settled down into their clan, tribes and family areas.  Years passed and when the grandchildren were reaching maturity the social substance that held them together was beginning to fail.   Those that had fought the fight had gone, the next generation became busy with settling in and the youth had, as usual, their own ideas, the history of arrival taught but less important possibly than daily life.  With leadership failing, the priests failed to ensure the Law was made known and the Levites failed to teach it, each looked after his own interests, soon being drawn into the gods and ways of the remaining Canaanites.  Confusion soon reigned.  Neighbouring nations took over the land until the people realised their mistake and God sent a deliverer.  Several times this occurred but after each deliverance the people resorted to doing their own thing.  The third generation would go the way of their forebears time after time, morals degenerated, crops failed, invaders arrived, social cohesion drifted.

A similar situation ensues today in the west.  Morals today depend on the loudest voice not agreed principles, 'common sense,' an agreed understanding of how to deal with any situation in an obvious manner, is no longer regarded as trustworthy, and while individuality is encouraged 'community' an awful meaningless word much heard of in the media actually lessens as we look after number one. People today can also hide behind colour, sex, age or any other excuse, and take advantage of the political correctness that ruins our life.  There is no agreed 'principle,' each does what is right in their own eyes,' or follows unthinkingly what they have been taught in school.  Same sex marriage would not have been contemplated 30 years ago yet today it is almost compulsory.  Street preachers, once ignored by passersby, are now confronted by the gay lobby name calling and having such folks arrested!  Abortion is used as a contraceptive by some 'for the woman's sake' it appears!  'Rights,' and 'equality,' are demanded no matter how absurd these calls may be, and certainly no regard is paid to how others 'rights' and 'equality,' is affected.  What was once called 'banter' is no regarded as 'hate crimes,' even when there is clearly no hate whatsoever.  How the world has changed, and the mess hurts the nation.  

The 'silly season' encourages such attitudes to new heights.  Real news is hard to find so any nonsense is presented as a major story while ordinarily it would be ignored.  Take the screaming press coverage of 'Twitter abuse,' for an example.  Several louts abused a couple of women and this becomes a major news story.  One who led a campaign to put Jane Austen on the next £10 note claims to have suffered 'vile tweets' since her name became known.  Others suddenly appear in the papers informing the world of their personal abuse statistics.  Now not only can I not remember the girls name, it matters not as we speak in generalities, such abuse has been common since time began, why is it newsworthy now?  Anyone in the public eye gets abuse. Speak on TV, write in the press, be a footballer or actor, write a blog and letters will fall through the door, comments fill the page and e-mails and Tweets arrive offering love or abuse.  That is life and how she is lived I'm afraid, and we all participate in this, including those on the receiving end this week.  Attention seeking women will of course receive comments they dislike, they love those!  These they will shout about to ensure attention and of course encourage their own misandry won't they?  It amazes me that while men get such abuse no paper makes a fuss about this, why?  Sexism perhaps?   We all know the real reason why, 'women power!'  We live in a world where men are bad and women are good in spite of the reality in front of us.  Middle class women who have grown up with more opportunities than ever whine about their hard life.  Clearly they have never worked a s a bus conductor or docker, miner or navvy.  Those sort of jobs, done by women in many countries, would be seen as beneath them.  Indeed they would never be seen as a mere shop worker, tsk, the very thought!  Such as this have twisted society to such an extent that their tilting at their misandrist windmills has brought politicians running to their door rather than doing the right thing.  So we must see men regarded as bad in all things and women as untouchable and good.  

Look at how this situation has been handled.  A man has sex with a girl who is said to be 13 years old.  Normally we would regard this as a straight jail sentence but on closer inspection things are not what they seem.  Here we read of a girl who looked and acted older and 'was looking for it' as they used to say before such terms were outlawed.  The women's groups are outraged although they, like us, do not know the facts of the case, they have no idea what the lass is like, but they do know he is guilty because he is male!  In one sense they are right, he should not have been there, and what sort of man chases a 16 year old anyway?  What is important here is the refusal to accept this girl could be in any way responsible for her actions.  Such an approach shows limited understanding of human nature.  Such 'jail bait' was in action around here only a few years ago and one young man almost got jailed for his folly.  Anyone who considers 13 year old girls incapable of being 'predatory' has no experience of life and fails to understand human nature.  Women that age have been bonking away willingly since time began. Whether it is a good thing in this 'day and age' is debatable obviously but in times past when life was short this was not an unusual situation.  Mary the mother of Jesus may even have been that young, but don't tell anyone will you?  Actually one English king had a mother aged 12 if I remember right.  These days we can allow children to mature at a better pace with clearer instructions regarding life and hopefully with parents both educating and controlling their offspring.   Need I mention that all the papers referring to this case fill their pages with sex articles of one form or another, or would that be a hypocrisy to obvious?   The specific case is best left up to the judge, although now pressure has been applied and only judges who follow women's groups orders will be allowed to sit on such cases.  How disgraceful!  Fixing judges is the governments job, not the medias!  Where is the girl?  In care, wandering the streets, selling herself?  Does anyone know or indeed really care about her?

An experienced careful cyclist in Nottingham uses correct judgement to move across the road after a funeral cortege has passed.   Indicating carefully he watches the traffic as he maneuvers. A car behind blows his horn and failing to react catches the cyclist as he passes and the driver stops to berate him for being there.  His female passenger joins in while the cyclist recovers his bike and composure.  The outcome leaves the driver facing an 'awareness course,' the passenger cautioned, and the rider receives a letter from the police almost blaming him for not knowing the following car was with the funeral and therefore keen not to lose place.  How many cyclists are killed on the roads and here we see the police blaming a careful cyclist for an accident caused by another?   Guardian

'Bongo Bongo land,' is a term that has been used to refer to Africa for decades, however when used by a member of the European Parliament, a man representing the UKIP party, the white middle class 'Guardian' socialists were outraged.  'Racism' they cried when it wasn't really.  The remaining politicians not sunning themselves on a free holiday somewhere joined in the clamour.  This man, unheard of until now, fills acres of newspaper even though a great many Conservative members and those supporting other parties also agree that 'too much aid is given to 'Bongo Bongo' land and goes into the hands of a few, not the people,' but you are not supposed to say it.  Certainly not when being recorded and the media are looking for an excuse to rubbish you and support their particular party.  Of course Africa is full of 'graft,' so is the UK but that's 'different.'  Of course much aid is wasted but it doesn't mean it should be ended.  This is just another case of hypocrisy where 'racism' is used but no-one really cares about those who suffer 'real racism,' and we have all met some of those!      

A woman wished to breastfeed in a jobcentre and the clerk behind the counter, a woman, refused to allow this.  Naturally mum appears in the 'Daily Mail' whining and looking for a few bob.  The class of women who demand to breastfeed anywhere they choose suffer no opposition and harangue any who disagree.  Now I have seen women breast feed discreetly in such places, few have noticed and none would complain however I suspect the mum involved her was less than discreet and certainly cared nothing for the thoughts of others.  As such in my view she is not fit to be a mother, the child is less important than her!  However hundreds of bitter thoughtless women support this one, each for their own selfish reasons.  Being a mother is the most important job after being a father, however others have 'rights' too and these should not take second place.

The media are specialising in 'online dating' to fill space also these days.  This appears frequently on quiet days, usually accompanied by a picture of a bruised lass who has been battered or robbed, treated 'shamefully' or left in the lurch.  Terrible suffering all because of what she thought was 'the right man' for her.  The internet dating sites are blamed for not checking on the men, it is the internet, that dangerous world that is to blame, and something ought to be done! Any idea of personal responsibility, for instance 'thinking,' appear to be pushed aside.   Of course many more women meet men in pubs, clubs, workplaces, shops, on the streets and at many other gatherings but when it all goes wrong they cannot whine to the press about this.  Only internet dating sites are dangerous, the public house where alcohol flows is a perfectly safe rendezvous.   However have you noticed there is no mention of the men who suffer beatings, robbery, 'shameful treatment' from such dating sites, or indeed from girls met in pubs, clubs and all the rest?  Maybe men don't count or indeed sell papers.  Ah there we have it!  Men don't spend all day telling the world of their emotional problems, nor do they wish to read about them in the press.  Men are just left to 'get on with it,' and expected to suffer and all to often, pay up!  

So many of these situation can be easily dealt with by a simple use of common sense.  An accepted way of looking at the world has been eroded since 1945 by the ending of nominal religion, the increase of wealth, liberal attitudes offering 'if it feels good do it,' with no thought for the results long or short term, even an erosion of the genders so that it is impossible to have anything 'male only' without females demanding entrance, the same females that want 'women only train coaches at that!  The world is awash with wealth, confused people, increased suicide, and many confused with what life is all about.  Misery lies under much of the world we live in, and the liberal society is to blame.  Soon it will provoke a reaction.         


Lee said...

Well said, Adullamite!

With many of your points I do agree; the majority of said points, actually.

I shan't elaborate've covered it all expansively and pertinently.

Adullamite said...

Lee, At least you comment. Too many remain silent.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...


One of the things that our Heavenly Father has cleared up for me is that what is generally considered common sense is actually Him revealing stuff to us--even to those who want to believe that He does not exist. This also applies to those who do not want to believe that He has always been an active participant in their daily lives in this world, and it is good that you pointed out there being a great difference between the way many things are looked at today in comparison to the way they were looked at in 1945. For most "baby-busters" and a great many "baby-boomers" want to be fully responsible for their actions, which certainly sounds quite admirable, but in the way they are doing so, they are actually denying our Heavenly Father's hand being upon our lives--especially in respect to there being nothing good about any of us apart from Him.

It may be somewhat different elsewhere, but in America, it is widely said that those who overcame the Great Depression and won World War II are the greatest generation, with very little credit (if any at all) given to our Heavenly Father--even in the Christian community! So, Hosea 4:1-14 is being revisited upon their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the future does not look any too bright for their great-great grandchildren, neither. Since I think we are only around 150 years away from the day, the current trends may remain in place until the time for the Antichrist to take power, and for the first three and a half years of his reign, he will appear to make everything more wonderful than it has ever been in this world. Then comes the next three and a half years, of course.

Now, there is nothing that we can do to keep what is meant to be from coming to pass, but we can keep from bringing more hardships down upon ourselves than are absolutely necessary to accomplish our Heavenly Father's purposes by wanting to actually get to know Him in a very close and personal way. Quite tragically, most would rather believe what they want to believe, as you have so eloquently illustrated here.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

P.S.: I should make it clear that I was not saying that you are demonstrating a desire to only want to believe what you want to believe in this piece, my dear Adullamite. Please forgive me for failing to do so before.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, The WW2 generation were certainly different from today's!