Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Resumption of Normal Boredom.

All Easter eggs ought to have been swallowed by now.  All carboard boxes in the recycling, paracetamol passed round for the headaches chocolate guzzling brings, and everyone looking forward to the next commercial money grab, whatever that is.
Having worked hard last week I have done almost nothing this week.  Annual paperwork has been attended to, eventually, online shopping for items to replace things that have shrunk in the cupboard over the last 18 months has taken place, and emails aplenty have been issued, received and answered, not that I made a penny out of this.
An occasional wander across the park, such as today to inform the council of my council tax paperwork, and a visit on other days for bread at Sainsburys.  
Easter is over and it is back to boredom.

Now bungling, bumptious Boris has opened the door to some holidays we can expect a mass loss of discipline across the nation.  Set limits will be treated like a visit to Barnard Castle, crowds will gather hither and thither having fun, assaulting police, fighting with each other and forgetting the virus is still around.  Marbella will be wonderfully full of English yobs if the Spanish allow it.
It may be some distance can be covered.  Caravans blocking the main roads will appeal to the 'Top Gear' fan.  Biker rallies everywhere will fill back roads and B&B's will be upping the prices to make up for lost time, those that are still in business that is.
How many cafe's, shops and hostelries will no longer open?  When the shops open barbers and salons will be OK but small cafe's?  Coffee shops and such like have not be able to pay their way, we lost one good one here, but I suspect the pubs will open, they usually survive.
There will be no more Lock Downs, all will be well!  So expect another wave and further LockDowns in June. 


the fly in the web said...

I hope you did not suffer too much in having to eat the creme eggs you had kindly reserved for me.
First proper downpour of the season here...the whole valley whited out, water pouring off the roof in torrents, just waiting for the electricity and internet to go out when the thunderstorm starts...
Dogs neatly tucked up under desks, beds and tables, glowering. Danilo returning in haste from cutting gass for the sheep, the brim of his sombrero flapping round his face and colourful language on his lips.

Jenny Woolf said...

I like the top picture of the little girl with the pram that has hard boiled eggs for wheels!

Dave said...

Lets hope the vaccination programme and the number vaccinated will break the cycle of infection. Because once the pubs and shops are fully opened social distancing tends to go out of the window.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Sadly there appears to be more eggs lying around. I must take that chicken to the vet!
How lovely to see you get Edinburgh weather there! The sight of Danilo in the sombrero is enticing! Hee hee!

Jenny, Indeed! Eary averts were often more artistic than todays rubbish.

Dave, You are right. Younger folk who have not been injected will fill the pubs.