Friday, 16 April 2021

Football and the Duke

With another day of lounging Spring cleaning behind me I now look forward to the weekends football.  Several Scottish Cup games to enjoy, plus the old firm bigots, and this means nothing else can be done except stuffing the face.
Of course we also have the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral on Saturday afternoon while many football matches go ahead.  These are either starting around noon or long after five in the evening.  The media are lining their pockets over this, no doubt more 'Special' pull outs will appear in the weekend papers, all containing the same stuff they had last weekend.  
The Duke knows how to travel in style, and they claim he spent 16 years developing this Landrover for his funeral.  He works slowly it appears.  I suspect many will consider this beneath them, others will already be on the phone booking this vehicle for their funeral, 'The one Prince Phillip used,' and then climbing up the social scale even while dead.
A walk through Kensal Rise cemetery, and a glance at the many large tombs to be found there, gives the impression many consider they must outdo the neighbour even while dead.  "I may be dead but I am higher class than you," is the message.  Jesus meanwhile, on the other side, may think differently.
Someone indicated one paper showing the reader how to watch the Dukes funeral on TV.  He suggested they just turn the telly on and all bloody channels, all around the world, will be showing it!
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Kay G. said...

I must admit that I had the exact same thought, who would now make that modified Land Rover for funerals in order to make money? I found the funeral extremely moving. Who can do a minute of silence like the Brits? Americans can't, I tell you, there is always someone stirring around impatiently and a cough and at least one person talking who didn't get the message to be quiet and to remain still. "I Vow To Thee My Country" and "For Those In Peril On The Sea"- two of my favorites that I heard.

the fly in the web said...

I note that the band played 'Valiant Hearts'...that should have scandalised some of the clergy.

Adullamite said...

Kay, Royal fans would love to use that vehicle.

Fly, I missed the bands, I only switched on as they carried the box.