Saturday, 21 November 2020



It has been one of those weeks, one where there was much to be done and little actually got done.  The shops were visited, foolishly as most were closed for Lock Down so I could not buy the cards I required.  Fancy forgetting they were closed?  That was caused either by age or stupidity, either would give the answer.  The cards I had were scribbled however, the Amazon gift cards inserted, and on December 1st they will be posted.  Always post early, afix name and address label if unsure of recipients address remembering how each postie has a dozen each day wrongly addressed, these are just lost. 
The, far too many, online gifts will be ordered the same day to ensure delivery before the rush begins, which it will, and which with Covid around will hinder the deliveries.  So, while berating those who indecently urge Christmas upon us long before the time I have almost got my Christmas sorted.  
Little else has been done.  

The smirk remains in her job.  Just after Boris announced 'anti-bullying week,' he informs the world that his chief bully will not be fired for her constant well known bullying.  This after an inquiry found she was guilty of bullying and normal protocal would indicate she must resign she does not resign. Boris supports her, and the man responsible for the report resigns as he realises this government does not accept responsibility for anything.  Clearly this woman, not liked by other cabinet members, will remain in her job while unfit, as if we did not know this, as Boris needs her support and cannot accept the loss of another gangster.
Where is the UKs Biden?



the fly in the web said...

Is she the Israeli representative on the Tory front bench as Keir Starmer is for the opposition?
How she was ever allowed back in government is beyond me...well, it would be, but not with this lot...
I enjoyd that header....very soothing.

Dave said...

Nothing amazes me about this Government anymore and as Boris said, the matter is now closed.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I wonder if Israel supported her?

Dave, Corruption is endemic now.