Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Messenger Arrives

Yesterday I emailed the company, 'Cotton Traders' regarding the goods I bought and had not yet received.  By late evening I had a very satisfactory answer and by noon today the packet that ought to have arrived via courier on Monday came to my door.  It was clear the 'Hermes' folks were either incompetent or delaying delivery until they had sufficient packages to make it worth their while coming to this area.  Possibly they only deliver on certain days but do not wish to make that clear in case they lose business?
The driver (fresh of the back of a lorry via Calais) was unsure of the area and I noticed he had several packets destined for others in this street.  I was able to guide him in the right direction to aid his quest, the numbers run in an obscure way around here, and while he was friendly and able enough his courier company itself did not inspire me. 
I'm just glad I don't have to send anything back...!
Of course the other goods I ordered several days before from a different company are still not around.  A call today to a man with his volume turned down leaves me with the belief that something will happen in the next few days, or maybe not as the case may be.  What is wrong there is they do not have the goods in stock I suspect, or a warehouse failure possibly.  I suggest the first option.  Another week to pass before i know I reckon.  
This online ordering appeared to be a simple thing a few days ago.  In the past the only problem has been goods arriving and me not being here and having to trek down to the sorting office to collect them.  I understand some of the problems, I have done warehouse work, I have delivered goods for companies and for Royal Mail, I comprehend the problems found in dealing with the public so I am not anti those involved.  I sympathise with many of them but it is preferable to use Royal Mail, the postie always gets through (usually).


the fly in the web said...

These companies don't seem to get the idea that if they were honest and said they only delivered on Tuesdays, or said the item was not in stock but would be the next week customers would be spared waiting in for them, ringing them and suffering mischiefs to their blood pressure which might make said customers have more friendly feelings toward said companies.

Some hope in an age of lies...

Adullamite said...

Fly, I found Cotton Traders response good, the courier is not so hot however.