Saturday, 22 September 2018

September Shopping

Tesco's September!  Shelves filling up with Christmas goodies, all overpriced yet 'must buys' for some.  (OK I may buy some also)  I understand that in Denmark they must wait until the 1st of December before Christmassing the shops, I think that ought to happen here but the greed of various governments will not accept this as too many manufacturers pay towards them.  
Tax also comes from Xmas gifts.  
I suspect the museum will once again soon prepare for Xmas, once the half term holiday is over the boss will spring into action while I once again seek out my 'Bah Humbug!' hat.  She threatened to burn it last time, or was it me she threatened to burn?  
Christmas comes but once a year and in my view it ought to be kept until December, a more suitable time, and if shops wish to install goods in preparation I would insist they make no mention of Christmas or the meaningless characters that accompany it until that date.  It would also save the councils cash with all those dreary Xmas lights.  
Maybe I am just a grump of course.   

The town of Langholm is now called the 'Home of Chilli's' because one man's fascination with these beasts led through his friends to many in the town, and now elsewhere in the world, growing chilli's for themselves.  This is a harmless hobby which has become a bit of fun for the locals and good luck to them I say.  However it got me thinking that before the 70's such vegetables were unknown to us in Edinburgh.  Peppers, courgettes and many other exotic veg were far from our ken.  Cabbage, peas, turnips and carrots as well as potatoes, often grown in dad's garden were the staple with tomatoes and lettuce appearing also.  During the 70's exotic items like peppers began to appear in the shops we used even though some middle calls retailers possessed such veg we never saw nor heard of them and could never afford them until the worst decade of the century arrived.
Now of course fruit and veg fly in from foreign parts, well wrapped up, disinfected and treated to make it appear healthy even though it is a year since much of it was picked, by machine probably, and sent on.  How our foodstuffs have improved as our health has deteriorated, how our wealth has increased along with choice yet we still live on chips, well OK I still live on chips.  
A wide exotic choice of fruit and veg is a good thing when we can afford it but there are questions to be asked about the treatment it undergoes before arriving on our plates.  There again I don't know why I complain I use frozen peas and Brussels as they are easier!



the fly in the web said...

You need to buy pineapples exported from Costa Rica. They have been hollowing them out and filling them with bags of cocaine.
One of those in your shopping basket and you're made for life.
Mark you, in disgraceful disregard of the environment they are using plastic bags, not biodegradable ones in which to pack the cocaine...

Re Christmas...have they never heard of Advent, except in the context of cards of little windows with sweets behind them...

Adullamite said...

Fly, I think Tesco staff have already got their hands on the pineapples...