Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Tuesday Evening

How quiet the museum was today.  The kids are preparing for school return tomorrow so I had time to sit on the computer researching for the education boss.  This was interrupted three times by people coming in, how could they?  How nice to do something productive again.  I was going to do more when I got home but unexpectedly fell asleep, shame that.

Watching England's lower divisions on Quest the other day I suffered cultural disengagement on perusing the shirts worn by the visiting teams.  All clubs wear two, often three different shirts.  The Home shirt is usually based on the traditional colours, they away, or what is now called 'change' strip often of a hue opposed to the home shirt.  Fair enough you think, especially when some sides, usually those involved in European games, have a third strip completely at variance with the other two.  One main reason of course is money, shirts alone sell at around £45 - £55 and some when combined with shorts, socks etc, can be near a hundreds pound an outfit.  Luckily my stomach sticks out to far to wear such as these.  
Watching the English lower division however I realised just how awful some of the 'change' strips are.  It is as if they had asked blind people or those with colour blindness to design them.  They are disgusting!  Quite what football players think when they see the shirts presented to them I know not, however as young men with too much money are pray to those who sell absurd fashion successfully to them I fear many players with consider these outfits classy!
However a glance through the 'Short List' sight offers us the  '50 Worst Football Kits Ever,'  and they are not wrong!  The one on offer was worn by Dundee football club way back in 1953, before our friend Mike S was born, and quite what they smoke darkened Dundee workers thought of this shirt at that poverty stricken age I fear to guess.  Possibly it was a sign of progress and good times ahead? Possibly they had run out of deep dark blue at the shirt factory?  I doubt they would sell today, even if the Independence re-run was successful!


the fly in the web said...

I liked the cartoon....
I see people wearing shirts like that round here...do you think they exported them when they could not sell them?

Adullamite said...

Fly, I bet there are none in Dundee!