Saturday, 8 September 2018

'The Team For Me' by Mike Smith

Much to my delight another book fell through the door today.  A book all football fan everywhere can relate to, one man's obsession love of the Heart of Midlothian, who can blame him for that?  You will all understand that once a football team becomes yours, and it is 'yours' then you can never leave it.  Wives and children, jobs and money, fame and fortune can come and go but these are fickle things, a football team remains for ever!
Of course as I have several already on the go it would not be possible to read this at the moment so I just dipped into the foreword by the great Jim Jefferies, a man who began his career as a 16 year old with the Hearts, eventually became a stout captain and later led them to the great 1998 Scottish Cup win, a result some of us had waited almost forty years to behold. What a great man to have write the foreword! 
Naturally with so many live games on different channels today I have not been able to read further, well I mean I glanced at the first chapter or two and found myself understanding what life was like when following a football team in the flesh.  The getting ready, the transport there, the avoiding supporters of jealous lower teams all rings true, but I have not read further.
The author?  One Mike Smith, a writer of note who has written several books of this type, most notably 'Hearts greatest Games' which concerns 50 of those triumphs, compare that with the  Hibernian's book 'One Win in 1973,' which did not sell well.  
Look at the time I must sleep, I better take a book through with me....

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