Monday, 15 January 2018

Census Returns Return

When you rise and find the clock reads 8:45am you begin to wonder what makes the day arrive before you are ready for it.  Stumbling into the day I finished breakfast so late it was lunchtime before I got started.  The word 'started' is a misnomer here as I didn't actually start anything though I thought about what I could do then didn't do it.
Once begun I cleaned things, exercised things, and got on with things until foolishly I needed to check the census returns.  Everything stopped while I searched these for a man and his family.  Thus taken back into the lives of men who's only option was farm work or joining the army was not enthralling.  Just imagine the long hard days, the weather, the low pay and little opportunity for advancement.  One man joined the army in 1915 and it was noticeable that on his attestation for his name is singed by the sergeant and he leaves his 'mark.'  He was 41 and working as a 'grocer' at the time it appears.  Incidentally he was dead by 44.  
All this occurs while the banging and crashing continues at two nearby building sites with lorries blocking the road and annoying the traffic.  The larger of the two sites began later than the first and while it is larger it has moved much faster, most must have been sold by now I expect.  The smaller, containing only four quite small units, has had may troubles and the man in charge may just wish to dump it on another.  Meanwhile we just sit back and wonder if the infrastructure has been inserted to enable this to work without collapsing and somehow we doubt it.

On the Firefox toolbar all the avatars for the important links sit proudly.  At the far left happily sits the Google avatar.  This is not news to many of you as it appears there on many toolbars however the other day after I had been perusing the papers for something to get irked about I noticed this avatar had become a 'Daily Mail' avatar!  Ironic that this now sits at the 'far left!'  
Why did this happen?  How to remove it?  Is it a sign Google sponsor the 'Daily Mail?'  Could it be DM 'workies' forced to amend avatars across the nation to pretend people support the paper?  Is this the work of this treacherous government I wonder or one of their Russian 'bots?
I am in turmoil here.

 Daily Mail readers!


the fly in the web said...

How to insult sheep....

Jenny Woolf said...

That's creepy. The daily mail icon appearing, I mean. Yuk. I love all the reflected sheep eyes in that photo. Looks like the sheep have transformed themselves into a city at night!

Lovely picture of the "gingerbread" house at the top. Is this a view from where you live - it's very pretty.

Jenny Woolf said...

I hope my precious comment got through. It will break your heart not to see it, so full of skill and originality. Basically I said I like the photos. :)

Adullamite said...

Fly, These sheep are not found in Costa Rica, these are English sheep...

Jenny, Your comments are always 'full of skill and originality' and I cannot do without them.
The house is one of many of various 'Arts & Crafts' style houses built around the grounds of their 'Big Hoose' in which they resided. All feature tiled roof and red brick with blue brick designs. Most are now sold for a lot of money. Very nice, except for the few situated opposite Sainsburys petrol station!