Friday, 12 January 2018

Blogger, Trump and Farage, What More Could You Ask...?

Is it just me or is Blogger slow?
Several times when attempting to press 'Publish' the thing has 'hung' for a while before posting.
This laptop is not very good, the buttons are not doing what they are told and often do what they wish so it makes me wonder if it is me or they?
It works but there is a delay.
A couple of days ago everything ceased for a few minutes, nothing would come up and all halted.
I am beginning to wonder if 'Firefox' is to blame?  I went over to 'Chrome' for what I wanted and this worked but it may be things returned to normal by then.
All in  a days grumble...

Poor old broke Nigel Farage is even more broke now.  The EU investigated his claim for an assistant and have decided the assistant was not assisting Nigel in the EU but working on UKIP party work.  This is not allowed under EU rules and Nigel knows this. 
Such a shame the EU have decided to withhold £35,500 from him, half his assistant funds because of this lapse.  He must be feeling ashamed to have made such a mistake, he must be embarrassed by such pilfering of funds and feel really repentant.  Ha!  Some chance!  I suspect he will appeal and blame anti-English EU staff for attacking him.
Poor lad, hasn't he suffered enough...?

Poor Donald Trump, another political success story, he has been getting grief just because he referred to peoples from Haiti and Africa as 'shithole nations' and wished for better, whiter, people from Norway instead.  Norway it must be said has indicated they are doing OK thanks and Haiti and Africa, those that bothered to listen, have responded with an amount of disagreement with him.
It just could not get worse but then it did!
The 'state visit' which gave Donald the impression he would cavort about with the english queen, has been put back and the short visit to open the new American embassy, moved south of the river and based on an idea by Geirge W. Bush, this visit also has been canned.  
The idea of lots of helicopter rides above the traffic avoiding UK citizens indicating their displeasure at his visit plus the truth that he was never going to drop in just to open an embassy, has led to his breaking off any visit to the UK at this time.  Pity, it might have been interesting to see peoples reaction.
Worse still, our own imitation Trump, one Boris Johnson, has risen to his man's defence slighting the Labour Party by claiming it is their fault Trump is not coming.  The Labour Party, who are not at fault, would do well to proclaim this to the rooftops.  Boris is no doubt lying in his teeth, something he does often and is very good at, but he intends to show the UK stands with the US.  Actually we all know this and we also know that Boris considers Trump a liability and awaits the nutter gunman who is scheduled to end the reign of Trump, whoever that may be.  In the USA the chances of someone taking a pot shot at Trump must be high, I just cannot believe it has not yet occurred.


Kay G. said...

It's not just you, Blogger is slow.

Perhaps Trump will be impeached, we must not wish for him to be shot, surely! Haven't we had enough shootings in the USA? It is not something that we take lightly.

I like the cartoon.

the fly in the web said...

We could be in for a long wait...the nutter gunmen voted for him...

Adullamite said...

Kay, I wondered as it is very slow just now. Enough shootings in the US? No you can always have more. If only the gun lobby didn't take it so lightly.

Fly, That is a good point. I suppose they are just shooting one another just now.