Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wednesday Frost

Thick fog, ice covered fields, roads and me!
Shops busier, happy checkout girls with time to chat, crowds of kids following fussed parents.
Sun arriving but slowly.
Market empty as stallholders still sleeping it off.
More kids taking parents round shops.
More gifts, even more money.
Grandparents the happiest of all.
After all they can give the kids back!
Later park full of kids showing off new things to satisfied families.
All wrapped up, many in new outfits.
Dead soldiers.
Boring TV.
Poor radio.
Chilly as forgot to shut window.
Yet more parsnips for tea....


the fly in the web said...

I had to go and stand outside in the sun after seeing those photographs...

Suza said...

beautiful. I love the world covered with frost. it looks so beautiful like a dream
Best susa

Jenny Woolf said...

That top picture is like the start of a story..... brilliant. I made parsnip soup. But I put some other veg in it too. I must admit I am never quite sure what I think about parsnips.....

Lee said...

It's Friday here...and it's hot,

No hot food for me today...I'm about to make some guacamole, and that will do me for today's lunch...along with some fresh fruit and raw nuts later.

carol in cairns said...

Parsnips ~ I think you need to ask Lee for a blogpost on parsnips. I am sure she will oblige with some yummy recipes. Like Fly, I had to go and thaw out ... what can I say .. warm and sunny here. My sister who is visiting from cooler climes says it is too hot ~ but we found some shade, a breeze and a view of the Esplanade for lunch today at the RSL (Returned Services League).

Adullamite said...

Fly, Ha! You lucky lass! LOL as they say.

Suza, A dream to look at indeed.

Jenny, You can turn that into a story if you like. Someone looking for warm parsnips I suggest.

Lee, Grrrr.....

Carol, Grrrr.... and I'm getting to like parsnips, at least they are hot.