Saturday, 17 December 2016

It's Been Dreich Today.

Collecting the fruit and veg (eat mangos before they go off by 5 O'clock) in a dreich misty day again.

It was the same yesterday.  At least it keeps the park free from adolescents all day and all night.

However while Thursday began misty by lunchtime I could keep my window open all day and not freeze.  This is December!  Who says there is no global warming?  

The Friends of the Museum hold a raffle each Christmas to raise money for the museum and rip off daft people who pay 50p for a ticket, books of 4 tickets are available.  Naturally at this great draw there are many prizes, around 40 this year so I was keen to get my hands on one.  Naturally being there I participated as did all others in picking occasional tickets from the large black bag in which someone had placed them having spent the day folding them first.  Naturally I got nothing!  The fact that four people obtained two prizes each, one at least who wins every year, did not annoy me, although it annoyed others.  Instead I approached them and asked if they would share a Lottery ticket with me on the biggest Million Pound draw, naturally they refused!

Instead I returned to work on one of the village war memorials, although this is not really a village these days.  Black Notley lies a wee bit to the south of the town but few realise that much of the town actually comes under the village itself.  It took me a while to grasp this.  That is why several men who fell in two wars appear not on the main war memorial but on the Black Notley one.  The village remains a village, much larger than in times past, but the few streets and huddle of houses of 1914 are now large estates of council, or ex-council homes.  
This is a memorial I worked on a few years ago.  I obtained the basics, printed it off as I ought, and then lost the link!  So when someone mentioned their ancestor was one of the men here I looked again and discovered the loss of link.  In fact three other village links have gone west.  I gave one to the lass at a villages museum and forgot about it but in fact I must have deleted the links, all the gathered information and lost everything.  I now must start them all again!
Good job the villages were small...Bah!



Suza said...

Ilove the misty mood.

the fly in the web said...

I wish I could send you some of our mangos when they are in season...but thanks to the postal system they would probably arrive as mush with a stone in a malodorous parcel...
Still you could always donate it to the raffle in the sure and certain knowledge that you won't win it...

Lee said...

I love mangoes...and it's mango season here at present, so I'm making the most of it and am having a couple of mangoes a day. Being summer stone fruits are in season, too...I'm in fruit-lover paradise!

Adullamite said...

Suza, Misty is good.

Fly, I love good mango's but this guy buys cheap and when he offers me a bargain I know what is coming!

Lee, I'm not jealous!!!!!

Jenny Woolf said...

For one crazy moment I thought you had been out picking mangoes in the park. Then I remembered whose blog I was reading. Mangoes are best when they are over ripe I think. I never win any thing in the lottery but kind of think I should support it because it funds so many good projects and I like to imagine what a nightmare it would be to have the responsibility of being a multi millionaire!

carol in cairns said...

I can definitively say that dreich is not a word that I hear used in our parts. Your efforts will not go unnoticed in Heaven. Thank you for the e-card Sir. I wish you a very happy Christmas, enjoying the traditions of the season.