Friday, 2 December 2016

Fiddling Friday

Another day of joy nears its end.  
The gray clouds above made leaving the house far from tempting although the chill has gone from the air to such an extent I have removed two of the anoraks and three pullovers I wear when going to bed.  I really need to set the thermostat again.

I did however venture out to visit the shopping centre as my brain fell apart and jumped on the crowded Free Bus clutching my wallet tightly.
What a waste of time this was!  
This is an 'Outlet' shopping centre where shops dump the things they failed to sell elsewhere.  As such you would expect prices to be lower and bargains abound.  Not so!  In the 'Barbour' shop I gazed at the small price tags wondering what the cut price of the jacket was, this was before I realised I was looking at the cut price!  Some smelling salts later I mover to M&S.  I suggest gathering a dozen 'Barbour' jackets and selling them at full price, this way you will gain enough money to start a football team!  (How you get the jackets is your business)  Luckily I saw none I liked and all other crowded and overpriced shops offered the same result.
What a waste of time!
Yet this centre has always been busy, new shops open up, others have been there since it opened 20 years ago (which shows how many items they fail to sell elsewhere) and I must say useful stores such as 'B&Q' and 'Halfords' exist on the far side of the business plantation.

Heading home to search the charity shops as the goods available there are far superiour than those in the shopping centre (well not today they weren't!) I wondered and not for the first time why the bus was empty. 
On the way down it was crowded as always, this bus was also busy when it arrived yet whenever I return back to the bus station it is empty.  What happens to them all?  Do they get eaten?  Are they kidnapped and sold as white slaves (or whatever)?  Do they walk home?  Are the lights seen in the sky aircraft from Stansted airport or aliens looking for victims to transport to Mars?
The 'Daily Mail' will probably report that as a fact tomorrow!

Tonight however BTSport do something unusual, they cover Scottish football!  Indeed no sign of the green or blue bigots as they watch Dundee United beating the wee team up in Dundee.  This will ensure I sleep well tonight after watching their victory.  I'm sure you agree.

Here's hoping the sun shines tomorrow and lets me out!


Suza said...

very beautiful, i like the first picture most.
best regards

Adullamite said...

Suza, Thanks. There is little to see at the moment. :(

Lee said...

Aha! Abducted by aliens and not reported! Run, Adullamite! Run! Don't take the buses!!!

the fly in the web said...

I begin to think you should take a selfie of yourself in winter night attire....complete with the lum hat we were privileged to see on Facebook.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I'm quite liking it so far...

Fly, You silly twisted girl you!!!!

carol in cairns said...

I am fascinated by your passenger dilemma. I am left wondering what happens to them too and I am thousands of miles away. Could it be that they last longer at the shops than yourself and journey back later?

Adullamite said...

Carol, It may be a space warp that lands them in Cairns. Look for confused, badly dressed folks wandering about.