Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Now I'm not one to Complain...

This facebook idea has some advantages, contact with far off friends, family information, radically important news concerning the football world, and an opportunity to plug the museum, which I do occasionally.
However it has problems has it not?
One obvious problem is the person wishing to become a friend, the person you have studiously avoided for ten years I mean.  They can be persistent even if you accidentally 'ignore' them three times.  Worse are the people who do that to you!
Being constantly told how to 'Find Friends' by a computer server hidden deep underground in Alaska or somewhere is also annoying, especially when 'People you may know' appears every day also.  Indeed I may know these people and I may wish to 'find friends' but I do not need to be told by some geek lout how to do it!!  Nor, when I think about it, do I need to be told what the 'top stories in my groups' happen to be as I have already read them!  
Now don't get me started on the 'Trending News' items that appear at the side.  Do I need to know about American football?  NO!  Does US stars I have never heard off mean a lot to me? NO!  In fact does any of the 'trending news' offered mean anything to me? NO it does NOT!  I am well able to find enws for myself without having tabloid pap shoved into my face.
Nor do I need lots of 'suggestions' underneath this whether individuals or 'Buy & Sell Groups!'  This doe s not mention the fact that I am in Essex and such local groups as are offered in Kent lie across the other side of the Thames estuary!!!!
It begins to dawn on me that maybe making money for facebook lies behind all this....Tsk! Imagine!
Today I am irked by what people post.
Most of what is posted is OK in the long run but they way it is posted annoys.  
Christians offer 'Christian encouragement' usually by posting some famous persons words.  Several people post these, and they post several of these.  However in my view one each would be enough, if required, as they tend to lose their meaning when several run together counteracting one another. Rail enthusiasts, real 'anoraks' they, post images of trains, sometimes steam engines running at high speed sometimes diesel or electric, some foreign and most at home somewhere.  These are often excellent images and while I may be pleased to see them I see no requirement to post them all individually!  Seven pictures of a diesel, often the same one, running along a route may be interesting but surely it is not beyond the capability of the poster to put them in ONE POST!  
When four people do this at one time I get a hundred diesels or steam engines all looking the same, often being the same, filling the page.  
Sixteen shots of a disused railway can to me be interesting but if posted one at a time it is ignored by me as I HAVE A LIFE to live, why haven't you who posts?   
Children.  I know people have children, I know they are the centre of your life butnthey are NOT the centre of mine! I like to see their up to date fotos as they begin school, play for a football team and grow up, but must we have all those pictures from yesteryear once again every time facebook reminds you of what you posted a year, two years or further years ago???
I love your kids, but one day I will eat them! 
Talking about eating, must we see what you had for breakfast?...again!


the fly in the web said...

It could be worse....Tony Blair could be on FB...

Jenny Woolf said...

I think you can "mute" people when you don't want to see their posts in your feed, I do this with a few people who feel obliged to show me every MacDonalds they eat and every book they read. And you can just not accept unwanted invites so they will sit there forever. Facebook keeps telling me hat (a) theyve made a movie of my life in 2016 - which I have not condescended even to watch, (b) because they have suggested that I "like" Donald Trump's FB page and (c) I hate their fake friendly tone as if their computer really is my friend. But hey it is a free service, we don't have to use it and I suppose they have to make money out of us somehow if we do use it.

Lady Di Tn said...

My husband refuses to get a FB account. I started mine to keep in touch with family and friends I do not get to see in person. I was hacked twice in six months so I changed everything and now have a password that even I cannot remember. Unless i know the person I ignore their request and now unless they are a friend of my friend they cannot even contact me. I am learning as I go but some folks just share items I care not to read so I politely just skip over them. I like the fact and must try to mute as Jenny said you can do but again just learning. I do believe in sharing BUT some share toooo much but again it is a way to see those whom I no longer see in person or never have and as Jenny said it is FREE to me. Peace

Adullamite said...

Fly, We could then tell himwhat we think....until he bocks us!

Jenny, Yes indeed we could mute folks, the 2016 film is not worth watching but it does tell you how many likes you have made. Woopee! You are right, it is free, but the users could still offer better! Bah!

Lady, Yes indeed free, but irritating.

carol in cairns said...

I recently I friended a school friend and ended up blocking him, because I kept getting his new girlfriend's feeds tagging him in my feed. I know I could have just muted her in my timeline, but I really didn't want to know about his midlife crisis after ditching his marriage of 30 years. Midlife crises and new girlfriends are really not attractive on a fifty something year old man. Unfriendliness wasn't enough. For whatever reason, he tried to friend me again. So I just had to block him. We had nothing in common anymore. We never stayed in touch after we finished uni. Facebook page is one big fat illusion ~ don't get me started! The only problem is that is where everyone lives, so it is the perfect marketing platform if you are trying to get your message or product to many people.

Lee said...

I'm on FB...and it keeps me in contact with friends...some from so long ago...who I don't see often, and some, not at all. I don't accept friend requests if I don't know the person.

It's kind of like watching TV...I use my remote if I don't like the show...I have the power, and choice, to switch off...

Adullamite said...

Carol, Some peoples problems require blocking. They may follow you otherwise...

Lee, It has its uses.