Monday, 19 December 2016

Still Dreich

The mist lingers yet.  Dreich indeed are the days so there is little to see outside, not unusual in December.  Sunday saw a Christmas service with lots of kids reading things and making things in church, not deeply spiritual but a laugh for all concerned.  Last night I took my aching knees back down again for the carol service, the usual reading sandwich type of thing, and returned mince pie full and ready to sleep.
A dreich day brightened by the occasions and the people around (all the young women wanted me) and I found several Xmas cards awaiting me.  On top of that all those little jobs that must be done I avoided and hopped it before they began!
I answered the cards received by making use of the web.  A home made card which satisfied all, well not the one who didn't know who I was.  Much easier than scribbling out a hundred cheap cards for folks. 

While mist can lead to nice pictures it is just dreich when the sun fails to break through.  All around is gray and miserable, a bit like the people wandering around town, with added pressure of those last minute gifts required.  
World news is boring, all is being put aside for the Christmas break and journalists forced to work over the period are looking forward to a disaster somewhere (preferably warm) from where they can fill the time.  Otherwise it is shopping trips, weather and road accidents, not great news coverage.  

One good thing today was the Water bill.  This told me I owed the greedy money grabbers no more than a mere 25 pence!  The lowest bill I have received ever.  This of course is because of the monthly direct debit, it cost £205 over the entire year, which would be worse if I bathed more than once in a blue moon.  It never fails to amaze me how much water I waste.   How often the tap is left running, how much is wasted in the kitchen and how deep the bath water tends to be when I am reading my books in there.  From today water, along with electric, will be used sparingly.



the fly in the web said...

At least the carol service was in the warm....

Lady Di Tn said...

Does the fountain ever run. Someday when you are bored take some close ups for me. I cannot make out what kind of little creatures sit on the edge and most certain whatever is being held. Yes the news is the same here with mostly snow storms and how bad the wrecks are and how many have died. The snow storms were predicted so why did so many get out to drive in such foul conditions. It never got above freezing today or yesterday and when we awoke Sunday our porch was covered in ice from the freezing rain.Tomorrow the temps should be in the forties so I will venture out to the store to pick up whatever else is needed to prepare the Christmas Eve feast. The sand man is calling and I hope I have made sense. Peace

Adullamite said...

Fly, I'll say.Having walked down there and sweating like a footballer I sat in my seat in time for the thermostat to turn the heating next to me on!!!

Lady, Keep the ice in TN!!!