Sunday, 30 October 2016

Mist Again

The mist hung over everything this morning, damp streets and glistening leaves, those that remained on the trees that is, greeted early risers.  The sound, not that Sunday morning has much sound, the sound of distant rumbling traffic was deadened by the mist.  Even the birds appeared to have remained at home unable to see danger more than fifty yards away.   
Funny how mist changes everything.  Suddenly we are almost blind, not quite as bad as the mist mixed with chimney smoke in days gone by giving us Smog.  Now that was thick.  In Edinburgh during the last great smog buses were abandoned on the wrong sides of the road as drivers had lost their bearing the dark adding to the problems, all traffic ceased.  Smokeless zones dealt with that and now just mist by itself hangs round us.  
Wind blows things around, sometimes knocking down trees and houses, rain drenches us and floods the streets but mist just hangs there leaving us trapped according to the thickness it wishes to offer.  The valleys lie thick under its veil while above the sun begins to lessen the grip of the mist and by the time I had raced from bed, much later than when I first noted the mist, it had begun to dissipate.
I raced from bed as I was late.  I had to prepare to go out and time was short, soon I was almost ready, just breakfast, such as it was to take, and then I glanced at the laptop to see what is going on.   
It was then I noticed a strange thing, the clock had a differing time to that on the laptop.  Why?  I wondered if the problems since changing to fibre had affected the machine when I realised the clocks had gone back last night and I had not changed them.  I was not running late, I had an hour to spare!  I then spent most of that hour changing clocks. 
One laptop yesterday gave me up to 56 mph speed, very good however this one, on which almost everything resides slowed to 1.98.  Today however when I returned I fiddled and found it offered 47 mph as it ought.  Hooray!
Tonight as I worked hard at nothing at all it returned to the slow speed for no reason at all.
I am now walking in the dark awaiting the mist descending as that to me will be a lot clearer than the workings of the internet and fibre.


Suza said...

really beautiful picture...i love the trees in the fog

Kay G. said...

Mist...what I would give to see it! Our drought is really, really bad and I dreamed that I heard it raining last night but it was just a wishful dream.

the fly in the web said...

Superb photograph..I wish you were here to try your hand at photographing the clouds which rise up the valley to engulf us here at the house and move on up the mountain behind...
It id beautiful, but I can't do it justice.

Lee said...

It's still 2016 (just) you've not missed this year. I spent most of last week a day ahead of myself until I woke up to myself!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

The time change does not occur here until Nov 5th and I will curse the ones who thought about changing it twice a year. We survived on one time when I was young and it was fine but now we have to change it. I say pick one and stick with it as it hard as a very HOT place to get use to the change and just as you settle into the time, it changes again. The photo is grand. I love walking in a fog (mist) as it has a really nice HUSH same as a snow creates the blanket effect of sound. Does anyone really know Silence anymore? Peace

Adullamite said...

Suza, Indeed such mist changes the world around us.

Kay, Please take it, we will have plenty soon.

Fly, I refuse to accept you cannot capture these clouds. I await the results.

Lee, I am still running behind...

Lady, The hush is good when walking, unless you get lost!