Thursday, 27 October 2016

First World Problems Arise Again

My Fibre Broadband is up and working, in theory giving me much faster speeds and hopefully better images.  Of course this did not work in a straight forward manner.  Oh no, it failed! 
I set up the 'Hub' (BT call routers 'Hubs' for no good reason) and all worked well on the old Broadband.  However when the call came informing me in that broken 'one word at a time falling over itself' robotic voice that Broadband had been set up and was going I soon discovered it was not.
The Hub lit up, shone green, flashing orange, flashing purple, steady orange.....and continued steady orange indicating a fault.  I followed the instructions and kept strangely calm and at around 7:30 called the BT 0800 number.  A message thanked me for calling and asked "Button 1, Button 2" and having hit the wrong button I had to start again.  "Welcome,Button 1..." Ring tone, "Thanks for calling, we are very busy at the moment and the wait could be 10 or 20 minutes."  Button 1, or Button 2 or Button 3... ring tone, the first of FIFTEEN messages informed me "Thank you for waiting, All our call handlers are very busy at the moment, I apologise for the delay." Ring tone, message, ring tone message, etc ..." are very busy at the moment" until just before eight on the clock a human being answered!  
This man was very good and tested the line, checked this and checked that and so on, you have been there have you not?  By 8:30 he had decided it was not me, it was not the line so he must send an engineer out.  He came back after a while having arranged an engineer to call between 8 am and 1 pm tomorrow, being today!  What's more he arrived at 8:10 this morning!  The engineer was good.  Very effective, hard working tea drinker, he spent some time running tests and decided it was definitely the 'Box,' that green box that BT have standing in various parts of towns and cities. 
So off he travels to the box and forty minutes later he is back, plays around with high tech equipment again and now my Fibre Provider is providing.  Still sticks a bit but I guess that is it settling in?  Two hours off that mans life was taken up listening to me, hold on what I mean ...oh never mind. Two hours he spent fixing this and the complicated computerisation of it all amazes me.  In days of old we pressed Button 'B' and got our four pennies back, today he presses buttons and masses of complicated (much for security in these days of hackers) goes off around the planet fixing lines and bringing billions of calls together.  I was told about 10 years ago that one fibre cable could take around 15000 calls at one time!  For old people like me this is magic!
Right, what football is on tonight....

I woke at 5:30 this morning and was determined to get up at seven to ensure I was awake just in case the engineer called early.  So I slept fitfully until just after six having one or two strange dreams and wondering why we have noticeable dreams when we sleep for only a few minutes?  Is it because we wake when still so near a deep sleep or what?  Most interesting dream where an old woman in a block of flats asks me to ensure her door is locked and secure.  No idea who she was, never been in that building but it was all so real for a short while.  I hope I dream I have a bath early tomorrow morning so I need not have one when I wake.  The engineer stopped me doing anything else today as I had to put the house back together, the phone point is just behind the desk, and all the clutter was moved to make room.  The only action was taking a picture of the sodden leaves knocked down by last nights rain and taking that from the window as I could not be bothered stumbling up and down the stairs.   Summer time ended the other day (Gosh!) and Autumn leaves are annoying those who have to sweep them off the paths.  The golden colour has not come out in the picture but you can imagine what it is like.  Lovely colours but I still prefer Spring!


the fly in the web said...

The last time we had the engineers out they arrived in two vans, replaced the cable from the house to a point some two kilometres away, changed all the parts and wires in the house, then heated their lunch in the microwave and accepted a beer. When asked why they did all that work their foreman replied that they were subcontractors and would just put the bill in to ICE - the national service provider.
Not content with that ICE gave me a refund on my bill for deprivation of service...I'm still clutching my heart in shock.

Jenny Woolf said...

What a varied post, loved your leaf picture. Its sort of palm trees here and not a red or yellow leaf to be seen. I love the cat poster, for some reason. I dare not think why too deeply.....

Lee said...

Having tradesmen of any kind around...or the waiting around for the arrival of same is really distracting and does upset one's day and daily routine. I know it does mine!

Adullamite said...

Fly, Send that company over here!

Jenny, Super cat foto!

Lee, I have still to recover.