Monday, 24 October 2016

Death to the Truth

Ashers bakery in Northern Ireland received a request to bake a cake with a pro gay slogan upon it.  The staff member accepted the order and the Ashers themselves refused it as such slogans went against their conscience.  The order however was a set up.  This was placed by a man who had knowledge of their beliefs and with the support of the Equalities Commission in Northern Ireland brought a prosecution.  The Equalities Commission in NI is run by Sinn Fein, the republican party of the province and they have a pro gay stance.  In short it was a game played to attack the protestant side of Ulster as well as promote a gay stance. 
The case went to court and after considerable time and trouble the Court of Appeal today announced they were guilty of discrimination.  What a disgrace!  Discrimination indeed, from the gay lobby and not for the first time.  How disgraceful that this ruling arrives when the facts are known and no discrimination took place, except that of the Equalities Commission.
This is yet another example of how Christians are persecuted by the gay lobby.  Their failings are now more important in this world than anyone who opposes them.  It will not be long before the UK bans those who oppose such a way of life as normal and offer freedom from it, this has already happened in many US states.  Soon we will see churches being closed and Christians fleeing to more open lands such as China or Lebanon!  The dark days are upon us, those who hate Christians will increase and the dark satanic power behind them will strengthen his grip.



the fly in the web said...

I am not sure of how the law stands in Northern Ireland, but in England proof of entrapment, while not a defence per se, can be considered by the court as reason to exclude evidence so obtained.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I don't think the Law matters, the decision was made before the courts met! It has been influenced by political leanings behind the scene in my view .

Lady Di Tn said...

Mr A
A sorry state of affairs and a lady here in TN was jailed because she would
not sign her name on the marriage license of gays. The form was changed so she would not have her name on the form. Yes Christians and their beliefs are being discriminated against. Now the majority does not rule but the Few. Your Sunday's post was Right On. Peace

the fly in the web said...

Exactly so...entrapment by the use of agents provocateurs....judges of old used to foam at the mouth at the mere idea - nasty 'foreign' practice...probably French!

Adullamite said...

Lady, Sad days indeed.